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Angelina Jolie Raises Eyebrows with Custom Face Jewelry: Judge the Jewels

She wore it at the Marvel Studios’ LA premiere of Eternals.




Angelina Jolie

The sighting: Superstar Angelia Jolie attended Marvel Studios’ LA premiere of Eternals wearing a singularly striking piece of jewelry that formed a thick line of gold down the center of the actress’s chin.

The jewels: Jolie’s jewel is a lip cuff made by Austin-based designer Nina Berenato, who custom-fitted the piece to perfectly limn the lines of Jolie’s famous face. Paired with subtle earrings and an amorphous gown in a subtle hue, the 14K gold fill cuff makes Jolie look like the glamorous ruler of an alien planet who decided to drop by Earth for a change of scenery.

The trends: This kind of surrealist jewel will be too avant garde for many jewelry lovers, but there is absolutely an undercurrent of desire for this kind of unexpected, SciFi-esque style. A piece this daring will always be divisive, but take a peek at the designer’s social media and you’ll see thousands of likes and countless comments praising the otherworldly look. Priced online at just $50, this Nina Berenato lip cuff is a low investment way to try a high impact style.

Perhaps an eventual post-masking mass reveal of chins will lead to a previously unprecedented desire for face jewelry? Only time will tell.

Judgement: 12/10 for weird alien beauty, 7/10 for real life wearability (could it really be comfortable?)


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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