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Wilkerson Testimonials

New York Jeweler Picks Wilkerson for Their GOB Sale

Jan Rose of Rose Jewelers, located in Long Island's famous Hamptons beach district, explains how she chose Wilkerson for her closing sale. Jan's suggestions: reach out to jewelers who have been in similar situations to find out what worked for them, and look for a company with experience in going-out-of-business sales. Once you've done that, the final step is to move ahead and trust the process.

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Video: New York Jeweler Picks Wilkerson for Their GOB Sale



Wilkerson Testimonials | Rose Jewelers


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The Real Story Sells!

The DPA’s new e-learning program isn’t just about diamonds. It’s about what diamonds mean to individuals, to people who support an industry and to the world.



The Real Story Sells!

The DPA’s new e-learning program isn’t just about diamonds. It’s about what diamonds mean to individuals, to people who support an industry and to the world.



We are living in a most unique and exciting time for the diamond industry. Dramatic shifts in a wide range of elements — from consumer behavior and expectation to the easy availability of information (some less than accurate!), to continually evolving shopping channels to technological advances within our industry — have created the need for a much higher level of knowledge, insight and skill for sales professionals. For the best of the best, selling diamonds today is an art form that is all about communicating true passion — and about appreciating the real, personal value they bring to a buyer.

Diamonds have played an integral role in human history and culture for centuries. As you might expect, there are parts of that history — and of the growth of our industry that have provided valuable lessons which have helped shape the face of diamond mining and trading worldwide today. The diamond industry has evolved tremendously since the first commercial mine opened in 1870. Welfare of workers, respect for the environment, giving back to local communities and building thriving economies and social infrastructures in mine areas have all become top priorities at mine sites around the world.

In today’s market, the introduction of synthetics has created a mix of interest and confusion among industry professionals and consumers alike. Pictured here: An assortment of rough diamonds recovered from Petra Diamonds’ Finsch Mine in South Africa.

Consumers today need to feel good about the luxury they want — and there’s no doubt that current, effective training is more important than ever. In today’s market, understanding diamonds is about much more than just understanding the 4C’s. It’s about understanding the real connection between this magnificent gem, the human emotions it symbolizes, and the people who want to make it their own. It’s also about understanding the history of our industry as well as the remarkable advances that have shaped countries, built economies and established communities and livelihoods for millions of people around the world. As a knowledgeable diamond professional, you have a unique opportunity to share information that can change perspective, offer insight and give a whole new dimension to your customer’s diamond experience.

Murowa Diamonds operates out of Zimbabwe and firmly believes in employing and developing the nation’s talent, supporting the country’s overall growth.

Do you have what you need to tell the REAL story — or are you letting sensationalism and selective memory keep negative elements in the forefront while positive, accurate narratives detailing significant advances and successful outcomes are minimized or even ignored?

Megan Rodel is a business improvement superintendent at Canada’s newest diamond mine, Gahcho Kué in the Northwest Territories. Photograph by Kiana Hayeri.

“As a knowledgeable diamond professional, you have a unique opportunity to share information that can change perspective, offer insight and give a whole new dimension to your customer’s diamond experience.”

To Tell the Story, You Have to Know the Story!

The Diamond Producers Association is proud to announce the launch of a new e-learning program available at no cost to all diamond and fine jewelry professionals. The program is not just about diamonds. it’s about what diamonds are about — what they mean to individuals, what they mean to people who support an industry and what they mean to the world. It’s also about you as a diamond professional — about your passion for this amazing gift of nature and about your ability to tell the diamond story, the story of what diamonds DO — as symbols of emotion, carriers of message, and stores of real value.

The 1,109-carat “Lesedi La Rona” was discovered in Lucara’s Karowe Mine in Botswana in 2015. It is the third largest diamond ever found.

Whether you are a new sales associate or an experienced professional, our goal is to inspire you and to ignite your passion for diamonds while we offer you new perspective, new ideas and new talking points to help you present diamonds to today’s consumers with pride and confidence — and to help you close more diamond sales.




Sign on today!
Register at the Diamond Producers Association Trade Portal







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Tips for Shipping During the Holidays

Do you get excited in anticipation of your sales volume spiking in November and December?




Tips for Shipping
During the Holidays

Do you get excited in anticipation of your sales volume spiking in November and December?

While it’s a happy thought, there’s usually one challenge that deflates the moods of many jewelers: having to prepare and send extra shipments.

Make it easier on yourself this year by following these tips:


Keep enough supplies on hand

Double-packaging your shipmentsis essential. This method is a great technique to prevent losses and may even be required by your insurance policy.

Don’t opt to send jewelry in a single box or envelop, as this can easily be tampered with or damaged in a sorting machine.

In addition to ordering boxes and envelopes, also check to make sure your scale and label maker are functioning properly.


Know your insurance policy

Review your insurance policy so you know when you need to increase your coverage limits or purchase insurance from a third-party.

Insurance can be incredibly easy if you have a jewelers block policy with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group and use the JM Shipping Solution™ platform. Your policy will sync with the platform and you can easily buy additional insurance at exclusive rates when you need to.


Plan ahead

Sometimes its unavoidable, but you’re more likely to make mistakes when you have less time to prepare.

If you’re supplying retailers with products, now is the time to start contacting them.

You can use JM Shipping Solution to prepare and queue your labels in advance, allowing you to quickly print them before the courier arrives for pick-up.


Track your shipments

It can be hard to keep everything straight with an increase in holiday shipping volume.

Instead of using spreadsheets or sticky notes (or nothing at all), JM Shipping Solution also has a feature that lets users track their shipments from a single dashboard, regardless of which carrier you ship with. This is especially valuable if you need to file a claim because something appears to be lost.


Make shipping easier

Over 1,000 jewelers have used JM Shipping Solution to save time and money on the tens of thousands of packages they’ve shipped this year.

Join them for the holidays and get started today!



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