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Do You Or Don't You?

Are You Or Aren’t You … Tapping the Wedding Re-vows Market?



[componentheading]Yes, I Am[/componentheading]

We are making as much fuss over the renewals as we do for the first! — Tom MacKinnon; MacKinnon Jewelers, Trinity, FL

We just opened an account with Novell Design Studio. We are targeting first and second weddings that are looking for quality and unique bridal jewelry made in the U.S. — Judy Stanley; Skippack Jewelers, East Greenville, PA

We teamed up on ads with Stuller which actually has a directory of jewelers in the area, and we received a few hits. — Malila Davalos; Silver King, Chatsworth, CA

We are advertising for the older customer more. — Daniel Rochricht; Wedgewood Jewelers, Woodbury, MN

We have a larger selection of semi-mounts and solitaires in stock. — David Mell; The Goldsmith Jewelers, Lawrenceville, GA


Las Vegas is becoming another hotspot for retirees. We are advertising for the remarriages. — Lee Christensen; Tower of Jewels, Las Vegas, NV

We are offering an overnight hotel package. — Allan Altman; Altman Appraisals/Jewelers, Dallas, GA

My market is about 60 percent retired people who renew their vows, re-marry after spouses pass away and often remount family stones or custom-design rings to use these stones. I advertise custom design and fabrication services that set my business apart from the mall and grocery store jewelers. — Elizabeth Breon; Coast Jewelers, Florence, OR

We have advertising that includes the theme of “the gift for the one who has been taking care of you — treat her, she deserves it.” — Brian Rouse; Bay Area Diamond Co., Green Bay, WI

[componentheading]No, I’m Not [/componentheading]

I run bridal TV spots consistently month in, and month out, but don’t specifically focus on re-weddings. — Tom Duma; Thom Duma Fine Jewelers, Warren, OH


We haven’t yet, but coincidentally, last week we decided to aim our marketing in that direction. Since we already do a lot of custom redesign and have a somewhat older clientele generally, second weddings are more appropriate for us than the younger demographic. Not that we don’t welcome them! — Eve Alfillé; Eve J. Alfillé Gallery and Studio, Evanston, IL

We hadn’t really thought of them as a target group. We have a lot of couples who come in for this reason, but we should seek out more. — Idar Bergseth; Idar, Victoria, BC, Canada

Re-weddings are not worth investing any money in. A bride is a bride, which means she knows exactly what she wants when she wants it. First, second or fifth marriage or her wedding-vow renewal. I have never had a bride-to-be or a bride-again walk in without some idea of what she wants. All I need to do is give the best service I can, not set up another marketing gimmick. — Rebecca Buchmiller-Radzinski; Rebecca’s Diamonds, Salt Lake City, UT

I see this as a trend to expect once people here start to feel the worst is over and be grateful for the partners who have stuck by them and survived it all together. I think it’s only natural these people want to celebrate their commitment to each other all over again.  — Kristy Goodrich; JK Jewelers, St. George, UT

I do sell a lot of larger engagement rings for the re-weddings but haven’t really done anything special to tap into it. — Ben Brantley; Ben Brantley & Co., Shelbyville, TN

[span class=note]This story is from the April 2010 edition of INSTORE[/span]




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