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Ascend Marketing to Add Substantial Done-for-You Marketing Services for Jewelers

Ascend’s new services can be scaled to meet the needs of jewelers both digital and traditional.




(PRESS RELEASE) SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Ascend Marketing is adding a whole stable of digital and traditional “done-for-you” marketing services for jewelers, to its already renowned collection of coaching, training and turnkey marketing programs.

New services from Ascend will include everything from graphic design to print and mail production, to video, social media management, pay per click advertising management and more.

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Company President/CEO Jim Ackerman says the change and additions are absolutely necessary given the state of today’s marketplace.

“We’ve spent decades teaching jewelers how to do it themselves, through our speaking, training programs and products, and most notably our Coaching program. But the cold, hard fact is that jewelers can no longer do it all themselves. We still want them to direct and maintain control of their marketing, but the marketing and advertising world is now far too complex for the average jeweler – including the bigger ones – to do it all on their own, even with significant in-house resources.”

Ascend will provide oversight and management of the services jewelers utilize, including billing, so clients will have fully coordinated marketing efforts, and enjoy working with one vendor and receiving one invoice. But rather than trying to develop and maintain all the necessary skills in-house, Ascend has entered into joint venture arrangements with specialists who share the Ascend approach to marketing, both digital and traditional.

The difference is, Ascend will now supply virtually all the services the jeweler will need to execute the principles, strategies and tactics the company has advocated, more effectively than if they were to do it on their own, or even turning to help from traditional ad agencies or narrowly-focused service providers


Through the newly-developed system, Ascend will help jewelers with:

  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Development & Management
  • Mobile & Geo-Fensing
  • Cable TV & Over The Top Television
  • CRM Targeting & POS Optimization
  • Retargeting
  • Native Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Reputation Management (Reviews)
  • SEO
  • Web Design & eCommerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Radio
  • Analytics
  • Sales Training
  • ..And more

According to Ackerman, “In the past, jewelers have either sought piecemeal help, hiring someone to do their email marketing, someone else for social media, another group for SEO… or they have simply turned everything over to a single agency and abdicated their responsibility to be in charge of their own company’s marketing destiny and success. And the vast majority of those third-party providers have been focused on likes, follows, shares, engagement and brand, instead of what we believe should be the purpose of all marketing activities… Sales.

“We are known throughout the industry as the direct response marketing specialists and we have scoured the nation to partner with providers who share our philosophy of generating measurable and improvable sales results for our clients, helping them ‘genetically engineer’ their marketing for ever-increasing success.”

Ackerman says smart jewelers will still get themselves educated on sound, accountable marketing principles, strategies and tactics, and Ascend’s Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching Program will still provide that, along with a disciplined approach to “get more customers who will pay you more money, more often.

“The key thing to remember,” says Ackerman, “is while there may be service providers that can handle some of these channels, and even agencies that claim to do them all, we are the only provider that brings the direct response approach, for which the ultimate metrics are sales, revenue and profit.”

The Ascend approach has worked exceptionally well. Last year while many jewelers saw revenues stagnate or decline, Ascend clients saw double-digit increases, in some cases eclipsing 30%, attributable to the specific implementation of Ascend recommendations.


Ascend claims the new services can be scaled to meet the needs of jewelers large and small, so virtually any jeweler will be able to get “overload relief” as well as improved results.

To introduce the new suite of services, Ascend is offering jewelers its venerable Marketing Fitness Check-up (MFC). This $397.00 service will be provided free of charge for a limited time. It allows Ascend to assess the state of the jeweler’s current marketing systems and make recommendations for improvement. In fact, Ascend promises a minimum of three, instantly actionable, easy-to-implement recommendations from the MFC process, regardless of whether the jeweler ever engages any of Ascend’s services or not.

Jewelers interested in the free Marketing Fitness Check-up should email Ascend Marketing at [email protected]. Put MFC in the subject line and include a name and phone number. Or simply call 800.584.7585 x3.



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