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Assael Launches Precious Coral Collection




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – Assael, provider of treasured South Sea and Akoya pearls, now adds an extensive collection of precious coral to its brand, becoming the foremost purveyor of responsibly sourced gem coral in North America. Assael now expands its fine jewelry offering to include Angel Skin and Sardinian coral.

As a member of the CIBJO (Confédération Internationale de La Bijouterie) Coral Commission, Assael offers only responsibly sourced coral that is unenhanced by man, without colored wax or additives. The vintage Beyond Rare Angel Skin coral, originally harvested before the 1980s, is ethically and legally imported and is now available in a limited collection featuring over two dozen newly designed styles, from the the palest pink to the creamy salmon-hued. These rare necklaces, earrings and bracelets range in price from $10,000 to $500,000+. 

Assael’s Sardinian gem coral differs from the more commonplace reef coral which grows near the surface of the ocean, making it susceptible to the threat of global warming. Instead, the Sardinian gem coral being offered by Assael grows at much greater depths in the ocean where it is plentiful and healthy. This vivid red coral requires far greater precision, risk and care to harvest, which ultimately increases its preciousness and value. The Sardinian  gem coral assortment features exceptionally matched, perfectly crimson coral in strands, drop earrings, bracelets and more, set with 18K yellow gold and/or sprinkled with diamond accents, ranging in price from $3,500 to $500,000+. 

The entire coral collection, both Angel Skin and Sardinian, is available in the U.S. through exclusive independent luxury jewelry retailers around the country or through select Neiman Marcus locations.

Precious gem coral has been used as adornment since the ancient Egyptians, but it is currently more relevant than ever due to its intense, pure and fiery coloration. This season, the runways in New York, Paris and Milan featured a wide variety of colorful fabrics and sumptuous styles that call for simplified solid color accessories.  The single tone purity and tailored designs of Assael’s responsibly sourced Exquisite Coral collection add a touch of elegance and simplicity to offset fashion’s dramatic prints and patterns. 

“As the fashion world embraces fun, colorful fabrics, jewelry naturally becomes more streamlined, sophisticated,” says CEO Christina Lang Assael. “Assael has an unsurpassed collection of the most magnificent pieces of Mediterranean coral available today. The consistency of that luscious, deep red tone provides a warm and wonderful way for women to accent their wardrobe, remaining relevant and on-trend, while ensuring ultimate quality and enduring value.”


What distinguishes Assael Angel Skin and Sardinian gem coral and makes it so prized, is its consistency of all-natural color, its rarity and its unusually large size.  This level of consistency in both color and shape, when fashioned into strands, is impactful and extremely sophisticated.  Exquisite is… fiery!

To learn more about the new collections or see additional designs, please visit  



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