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Assogemme’s Colored Stones Ethical Committee Announces New President

“I receive this appointment with great pride”, says the new president.




Grassi Damiani

Grassi Damiani

(PRESS RELEASE) RIMINI — Guido Grassi Damiani is the new President of Assogemme’s colored stones Ethical Committee.

“We welcome Mr. Damiani with great enthusiasm and profound esteem,” says president of Assogemme Paolo Cesari. “We will work with him as a team and with great synergy, promoting and activating a dialogue between all the players in the supply chain of the Italian jewelry system with particular attention to solutions that can concretely enhance Italian manufacturing and contribute to the development of the traceability in the supply chain of colored gemstones.”

The committee guiding principles are precisely the establishment and adoption of socially responsible practices within the gemstones supply chain in the jewelry system and the consequent application of these principles to all companies and operators in the jewelry sector.

“It is an honor and a great responsibility for me to be appointed president of the Assogemme’s Ethical Committee: a virtuous organization that since 2007 has aimed to raise awareness, guarantee and enhance ethics, transparency and respect for people and environment, in the gem sector. The debate on the ethical dimension is not a passing fad and it absolutely must not be perceived as such: it is a real essential necessity in the world of jewelry to which all actors are invited to reflect and act in conformity,” says the new President Guido Grassi Damiani.

“For Damiani, this has always been a key element of corporate identity and this ethical tension has grown more and more with the development of our company: a great story brings with it a great entrepreneurial responsibility. For this reason, our company carefully selects its suppliers: they belong to a small group of companies that respect the Kimberley Process, an international initiative aimed to ensure that the profits made from the trade in diamonds and colored gems do not help finance civil wars. Precisely for this reason, the Group provides a system of guarantees to ensure that sector operators continue to certify the origin of the stones throughout the supply chain, through a declaration of conformity. Furthermore, always by virtue of this ethical vision, which for us has never been a fleeting fashion, our company fights the exploitation of child labor (by demanding from its suppliers that no child is used for the procurement of raw materials related to the production of jewelry and their processing) but also illegal work, unfair competition and false certifications.


“I receive this appointment with great pride and with the intention of continuing to guarantee the debate on these issues of social and entrepreneurial responsibility, to sensitize the players of the jewelry system involved in the production and distribution of precious gems and I am sure that together we will achieve important results. For the community and our sector, ” concludes President Damiani.



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