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Benchmarks: Radio Ads




BY JOSH WIMMER | Published in INSTORE’s April 2013 issue


"I often get the question from jewelers: Does radio still work?" says Bruce Freshley of Freshley Media. "With all the ‘new media,’ who still listens? Well, the answer is about 92.5 percent of all persons 18 and over, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau." Some markets are stronger than others, Freshley says, but radio remains a cost-effective medium where a well-crafted creative message can reach a lot of people near your store. "I was just reviewing one of our clients’ sales growth since starting our program," he says. "Bridal sales alone were up over $800,000 in just the last two years!"



LUISA: In football, you get a penalty for excessive celebration. No whooping, hollering, or dancing, no matter how excited you are. Hi, this is Luisa. At Luisa Graff Jewelers, there are no penalties for excessive celebration. On Christmas morning, that’ll be a very good thing, because there will be some dancing going on when your baby opens up that jewelry box from Luisa Graff Jewelers. You’ll be dancing, knowing that you received great savings with our after-Thanksgiving specials. A diamond bracelet that’s $549 now only $249. Diamond earrings that were $899 – special: $499. And pearl strands from $79 down to $39. Avoid the traffic! Come to Luisa Graff Jewelers and surprise her with incredible, game-winning gifts. Luisa Graff Jewelers: Helping you be her favorite Santa.

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“Personal Homecoming”
Davis Jewelers

Here’s Hank and Ashley Davis from Davis Jewelers.

The greatest gift of all is the gift of ourselves.


So when Luke called us from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, all of us at Davis Jewelers went into action.

Luke’s girlfriend Becka had searched high and low for her engagement ring, and she found it here at Davis Jewelers. The challenge for Luke, of course, was buying the ring from halfway around the world – and then keeping it a secret.

You see, Luke was coming home and wanted to surprise Becka, so between emails and phone calls, we got it done.

Fresh off the plane, Luke came to Davis Jewelers, picked up Becka’s ring, went to her apartment, and decorated it for his own homecoming.

Becka came home to find Luke on one knee holding the ring of her dreams.

You see, he was her homecoming gift. Thank you, Luke and Becka. It really was our honor.


Because at Davis Jewelers…it’s personal.

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Good Sportsmanship

Luisa Graff Jewelers, Colorado Springs, CO

Luisa Graff’s “Excessive Celebration” spot does a nice job of approaching jewelry advertising from a different angle: By highlighting football from the outset, it catches the attention of guys who might otherwise tune out. And the simple play on words reminds men how happy a gift of jewelry will make their women come Christmas morning.

A Warm Welcome
Davis Jewelers, Louisville, KY

Freshley Media produced this spot for Davis Jewelers, which tells the true story of a customer serving overseas in the armed forces and returning home to surprise his girlfriend with a ring. It does a great job of showing how happy the store is to accommodate clients and tugs at the heartstrings to remind listeners why jewelry matters.

Award Winners
Randy’s Jewelry,
O’Fallon, MO

"That’s just one of my favorite ads we’ve ever done," says Randy Hudson of this spot, which opens with a portentous drumroll, before the announcer gives the "Award for Best Shoppers of the Year" to the customers of Randy’s Jewelry. The store has been named best jewelry store in the county 12 of the last 13 years, and the ad was Hudson’s way of thanking the clients who voted for them.



Female announcer
And the award for Best Shoppers of the Year goes to … Randy’s Jewelry customers! [Cheering]

They know the staff at Randy’s Jewelry sets the standard for the best prices on high-quality jewelry in St. Charles County. Randy’s Jewelry customers have exquisite pieces and enjoy impeccable customer service on every visit. Three generations of smart shoppers can’t be wrong. Head to Randy’s Jewelry, where they make quality affordable.

Randy’s Jewelry, on Main Street in O’Fallon.

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Argumentum Ad Absurdum
R.F. Moeller Jeweler, Minnesota

Mark Moeller has appeared in a series of ads over the last two decades arguing with his stores’ spokesperson, Minneapolis radio personality Tom Mischke. Their absurd exchanges are unforced, articulate and hilarious — more entertaining than most actual radio programming — and create a sense that Moeller is the very opposite of a stuffy jeweler.

Mark: Tommy, these ads you’re doing for RF Moeller Jeweler, they’re just not working. You’re way too hostile. It’s not a recipe for success.

Tom: Not a recipe for success. You had one store when I started; you have
three now. You’ve been having record months this year. Best in your
60-year history. Don’t give me this "It ain’t workin’" crap.

Mark: See what I mean? You’re argumentative, OK? If this was your
jewelry store —

Tom: IF?! This is my jewelry store! It’s as much mine as yours.

Mark: What?

Tom: It’s like having a foster kid for 15 years. Someone can come along and
say that’s not really your kid, but who are they to make that claim?

Mark: Where did you get foster kid?

Tom: RF Moeller Jeweler is bigger than you. You’re a cog, Mark, a cog in a
larger machine. I’m a key piece of that machine.

Mark: No, no, no, Tommy. You’re finished.

Tom: You think I’m finished. You wanna take it from me? Pry it from my
cold, dead hands.

Mark: Boy, you need some psychiatric help.

Tom: Been there, done that. You wanna hear the story?

Mark: No, not really.

Tom: When I was a little boy, I got a puppy. It was crushed by an ice cream
truck during my birthday …

RF Moeller Jeweler. Best spokesman? Maybe not. Best diamond, best price — guaranteed. Edina, Highland Village and downtown Minneapolis.

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A Stern Talking-To
Steven Singer Jewelers, Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia jeweler has a reputation for being edgy — his slogan "I hate Steven Singer!" invites men to resent his success and how their girlfriends and wives expect them to patronize Singer’s business — and he has been advertising with Howard Stern since well before the shock jock moved to Sirius satellite radio. The on-air shout-outs from Stern and crew reach precisely the young male market Singer is targeting.

[Howard Stern]
The fact of the matter is, everybody from the show goes to Steven Singer Jewelers for jewelry, including Robyn —

[Co-Host Robyn Quivers]
Every crazy one of us.

Ronnie, Gary, Will Murray, Jason Kaplan, and even Richard Christy. Everyone can shop with him, too, either at the corner of Eighth and Walnut or online at Listen up! This is real important. Steven Singer’s famous gold-dipped roses are now available. Why Valentine’s Day already? Because! These things sell out.

They are beautiful and they do sell out —

Every year.

before Valentine’s Day every year.

Every year, these gold roses sell out. So order early. Can you imagine a real long-stemmed rose dipped in 24-karat pure gold? They last forever, they come with a lifetime guarantee, women love them and display them proudly year-round. Robyn even has a few roses from Steven Singer. It comes shipped in a free beautiful gift box, personalized with your free card from Steven Singer Jewelers. Don’t forget: Steven offers every customer free shipping in the United States. All just $59. It’s so easy. Order your roses online at, or call 1 triple-8 I HATE STEVEN SINGER and have a personal shopper assist you for only $59. You’re gonna get the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. Most women collect them into a beautiful bouquet. This is the number one Valentine’s gift.

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Gene the Jeweler

When Gene the Jeweler Speaks, His Employees Listen

In this episode of Jimmy DeGroot’s Gene the Jeweler series, Gene has a simple request for his employees. The good news is that they follow his instructions. The bad news is that they follow a bit too literally.

Promoted Headlines


Stores Create Displays That Are Made To Be Touched

Make some merchandise accessible.



IN MOST JEWELRY STORES, there’s not much that shoppers can touch without asking. But these jewelers allow customers the freedom to hold and try on pieces to their heart’s content.

Mixed Media

At Balefire Goods in Arvada, CO, owner Jamie Hollier uses blocks of wood atop a glass shelf to create an intriguing textural contrast while providing a simple, organic base for sculptural, artisan-made jewelry. Wood, metal and concrete furniture and fixtures soften an industrial aesthetic, while creating a neutral backdrop where jewelry and art become the focus.

An Heirloom Look

At H1912 in Princeton, NJ, an offspring of Hamilton Jewelers, watch bands are cleverly displayed in a vintage printers tray (discovered at a garage sale) and on bulletin boards. Rustic displays and period furniture reflect the store’s focus on heirloom jewelry and one-of-a-kind finds. “We recently started putting additional accessories up on bulletin boards in our store, but we only feature very few straps on the board because it’s important clients can touch and feel the different materials of the watch straps and be able to hold them against their watches on their wrist,” says store director Lea D’Onofrio.


A Study in Contrasts

Lindy’s in Fernandina Beach, FL, embraces an eclectic decor in which it seems perfectly natural to hang long, beaded necklaces from deer antlers mounted on an exposed brick wall. The quirky wall display co-exists with elegant elements, including a large mirror propped against a wall and a chandelier. “It’s difficult to display long necklaces (that are so popular right now) in the showcases,” says owner Lindy Kavanaugh. “Our dress forms are another favorite for displaying long necklaces, and we love using the mineral specimens and cool gemstone-related pieces we find in Tucson as it seems to bring it all together with a fancy, but earthy vibe. Kind of like wearing pearls with a sweatshirt!”

Front and Center

At Adornment & Theory in Chicago, an accessories table in the center of the store draws shoppers to try on bracelets and pendants, while staff is prepared to fill them in on the story behind each piece. “People are looking for a personal touch,” says owner Viviana Langhoff. “They want to know if it’s handmade, they want to know about the designer, the story, the fair-trade component, where the stones are coming from. They like knowing the details.”

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6 Websites Setting a High Bar for Jewelry Retail

Personalize your website to drive more sales.



TODAY, THE CONSUMER experience starts online. Make your customers feel welcome in your virtual store, and they are likely to show up on your threshold, too.

“Websites are the cornerstone of any small business,” says Shane O’Neill, VP at Fruchtman Marketing. “It must be designed as a sales tool and method of communication.” Showing photos of merchandise with prices is a good start. E-commerce is the next step. And communication can be had in real time with a live-chat feature. Even social media strategies should reflect back to the website.

Podcast: When Is It Time to Let an Underperforming Employee Go?

Podcast: When Is It Time to Let an Underperforming Employee Go?

Podcast: This Advertising Copywriter’s Last Minute Pitch Changed <em><noscript><img src=
Over the Counter

Podcast: This Advertising Copywriter’s Last Minute Pitch Changed Everything

Podcast: Millennial Gem Trader Dave Bindra Steps Into ‘The Barb Wire’
The Barb Wire

Podcast: Millennial Gem Trader Dave Bindra Steps Into ‘The Barb Wire’

What makes a solid website goes beyond the technical bells and whistles to reflect the personality of your store and the customer experience that can be found there. Include attractive photos of the store itself, so that viewers know what to expect – in terms of atmosphere and interior decor, when they do cross your threshold.

Julie Gotz, chief marketing officer for Freshley Digital, works with her team to custom design clients’ websites. While they are all clean, upscale designs that are easily searchable and can accommodate e-commerce, each has its own personality; the team doesn’t use one-size-fits-all templates. Her job, she says, is to do a deep dive into what the client likes and doesn’t like, what their aesthetic is, what their competitors are doing, and then producing a website design that will help them gain market dominance.

If you’re making the leap to e-commerce, remember that the point of much of that effort is to drive those sales into your store, too. “When I think of e-commerce,” says O’Neil, “I think of it as not just online sales; I think of it as sales.” Most retailers are marketing and targeting local shoppers, and so it makes sense that if you’re selling big-ticket items, they will still come to your store after shopping your store online. “Even with items that are $500 or $600, if you’re right down the street, they may still want to come in and look at it. Foot traffic is down, yes, but sales may not suffer if you have a high quality website and a great digital presence.”


Alchemy Jewelers of Portland, OR, introduced its new website with shopify e-commerce features in July 2018. “It’s updated, clean and romantic, and it incorporates the rich colors of the store’s interior, so people coming to the website know they’re in the right spot,” says marketing director Megan Walsh. Photographing fine jewelry and reflective diamonds was a learning experience, she says, but having the right equipment — a professional grade lightbox and a Nikon DSLR camera — helps. Walsh also blogs and updates product offerings and event information.


Belle Brooke

Although Santa Fe, NM, gallery owner Belle Brooke Barer believes strongly in the power of brick and mortar commerce, still makes a statement about the business by deploying eye-catching model photography to emulate the experience of walking into the distinctive Santa Fe boutique. Jewelry pieces are shown with prices and a selection of the core collection is available for online purchase. Each page displays information emphasizing the artist’s priorities.


Jack Lewis Jewelers

Jack Lewis Jewelers of Bloomington, IN, does an excellent job of personalizing the online shopping experience by featuring quality photos of each staff member, and, in particular, introducing their “superstar” custom jeweler, Jim Leeds, who can create the ring of the client’s dreams. Rather than announcing, “We do custom design,” this innovative introduction begins to create a relationship between the customer and the jeweler.

Croghan’s Jewel Box

The elegant look of this Charleston, SC store is reflected in its easy-to-navigate website. You can instantly buy (or gape at) a 1950s sapphire, diamond and gold bracelet for $14,950, or pick up a $65 pair of gold-plated “goldbug” earrings designed to look like Palmetto bugs. About half of customers live out of town. Standard shipping is free when shoppers spend $100 or more.


Walters and Hogsett

Walters and Hogsett’s website raises the bar in function by cross-marketing relevant content on other pages. For example, the jewelry and watch repair page refer back to the new watches page and also to the custom jewelry design page. So if a customer is considering repairing a piece of jewelry, they might instead consider repurposing it into something new. Doing this throughout a site keeps people engaged and on the site longer, says Shane O’Neill of Fruchtman Marketing. The business also provides clear opt-ins for their email newsletter, and uses sitewide banners for trunk shows or other events. They link to Instagram shopping options and have a loose diamond search tool.


Williams Jewelers of Englewood

Freshley Digital custom designed the website for Williams Jewelers of Englewood, CO, integrating Edge POS with the website and making it fully e-commerce enabled. “Every market is different; every client is completely different,” says Julie Gotz of Freshley Digital. Freshley Digital simplified the user experience while retaining the brand history of the store, one of the priorities of the Williams family. “It’s all about having a very clean, very upscale design that reflects the store. We only have a few minutes to grab their attention and lead them to the next step,” Gotz says.

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These Jeweler Direct Mail Samples Shine Bright for the Holidays

Use these direct mail pieces as inspiration to create your own attention-getting holiday promotions.




DIRECT MAIL is a great holiday marketing tool, as it lets you reach out specifically to your biggest and best customers, hitting them with invitations to swanky Christmas parties, wish lists to be filled out and returned, and discounts or gift cards for that perfect present. (You can also track it more easily than other advertising media, by instructing recipients to bring in the mailing to receive whatever the special offer is.) At the same time, we’re on the verge of the postal service’s busiest season of the year, so whatever you send needs to get noticed. And the examples we’ve collected here are harder to miss than Rudolph’s nose or, say, a bright star shining over a manger.

So Fresh, So Clean Shetler Wade Jewelers, San Antonio, TX

This snappy postcard alerts customers to a neat idea: a post-holiday “3-Day Detox Customer Appreciation Sale,” scheduled for the end of January, when things have settled down and it’s time to go through your inventory and get rid of some dogs. The layout is appropriately clean, signaling a new start to the year and nice deals for shoppers.

No Frills, No Nonsense Schmitt Jewelers, Phoenix, AZ

As Schmitt Jewelers reminds us, your holiday invite doesn’t have to shout “HOLIDAYS!” — it just has to snag the attention of your would-be customer. The strong, solid colors of the invitations for the store’s December “Shop Like a Man” promotion promised beer, food, and a straightforward gift-buying experience for red-blooded American guys.


This Christmas party invitation is strikingly gorgeous, stands out by not relying on a typical holiday palette, showcases some beautiful jewelry, and serves as three invites in one, for soirees at Gunderson’s locations in three different states. Plus, it conveys a ton of information, including the designers who will be present at the events, in a markedly clear fashion.

Two Eyes Not Made Out of Coal Wixon Jewelers, Bloomington,

With its strong, contrasting colors and clever mix of snowman imagery and jewelry, this postcard from Wixon is tough to ignore and easy to smile at. The reverse has simple messages pertinent to holiday shoppers: Extended hours, front-door parking (important during the Minnesota winter) and gift-wrapping.

A Good BetBrinker’s Jewelers, Evansville, IN

Brinker’s is no stranger to the Benchmarks page, and for good reason. Their marketing materials consistently set a stylish, sophisticated, but approachable tone. This men’s night invitation promises a good time for the recipient. The invites each came enclosed with a guest pass, and the aesthetic here and alluring casino vibe suggest an event most gentlemen would be proud to bring a friend to.

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