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Best Catering Practices, How to Deal with Impatient Repair Clients and More of Your Questions for November

Hire a food truck to feed attendees at your next store event.




How often should I be looking to change my window display?

There is no hard and fast rule. Rather, the decision to change windows should be more about the flow of traffic in front of the store. The purpose of a window is to capture a customer’s attention and to keep him or her engaged. That means that if a store is in a location where many of the same people pass by every day, it is in your best interest to change the look of the window as often as possible — in some cases, every week or two. The change can be as simple as keeping a display theme for a month at a time, while changing only one eye-catching element and rotating through various product samples, says Kate Peterson. “For other stores, where foot traffic is not as significant an issue, changing less frequently might be acceptable — but nonetheless, keeping a fresh look — for theme and for product, should be at minimum, a monthly goal.” She adds that successful stores also know that keeping a consistent theme or look — between windows and between windows and interior displays, is a very important part of getting the customer to focus on the product and not on the prop. “The decor should set the scene, but the merchandise should tell the story.”

Best Catering Practices, How to Deal with Impatient Repair Clients and More of Your Questions for November

For a fun, easy store event, hire a local food truck.

What’s a quick and easy way to cater an event?

We’re going to recommend an idea we saw employed by a small, independent optical practice in Minneapolis, MN: Bring in a local food truck. “We hire a food truck for our trunk show guests, serve wine and beer, turn up the music, and give out a promotional item to the first 100 guests,” says Sarah Jerome, the owner of Look and See Eyecare. “Our events are packed, our patients ask when the next event will be, and they bring their friends. We make it a party, and every event generates our new biggest sales day to date.”

What’s the best way to deal with a waiting repair customer who interrupts a sales presentation because he doesn’t want to wait?

Denise Oros, owner of Linnea Jewelers in La Grange, IL, knows your frustration and is convinced impatient customers are getting worse. But, she notes, it is the duty of a business owner to adapt. Her brainstorm: A self-service drop-off bin. For the customer who can’t wait, Linnea provides inner-store repair bags on its counters, pens, and instructions to write a detailed description of the item and fill out personal information. “We will photo log (the item) and call if further estimates or repairs are needed,” she explains. “It’s mostly watch batteries, but we had to do something to curb the constant interruptions.”

I’ve used my free email address for work for years and don’t really want to change it, but does it look unprofessional?

True, a lot of people don’t care, but a not insignificant portion of your customer base will make a judgment of some sort. And these aren’t completely unfounded impressions. Numerous marketing studies have found Gmail users to be predominantly younger city dwellers with more liberal views. Hotmail and AOL users are more likely to be found in the suburbs, while rural inhabitants are more likely to use Yahoo! Only two months ago, The Times newspaper in Britain reported that a major insurer, Admiral, was quoting a higher rate to car owners who provided a Hotmail address. The firm argued some domain names were “associated with more accidents” than others, raising applicants’ risk profile. Given the way people make irrational mental assessments, and given how important it is for a jeweler to be viewed as professional, technologically savvy and trustworthy, we’d recommend you make the change. It doesn’t cost much and doesn’t even have to involve a platform change. For $3 a month, Gmail, for example, allows you to upgrade your account to get your own domain name and have more control in managing your account as well as the emails of your staff.


I’ve discovered a shrinkage problem at my store, but when I contacted the local police, they didn’t seem that interested.

When it comes to offenses that spur urgent police action, retail crime lags a long way behind murder, drug dealing or even car theft. This means you’re going to have to show the police you have a good case and that, as Detective Richard Milburn of the Mesa, AZ, police department said at a recent NRF event, you understand the difference between “Probable Cause” versus “Probably Cuz.” First, be sure you contact the right agency, and that you have anticipated the need to establish evidence (What will be needed to pursue a case? Do you have video or other evidence?), Milburn said. Be aware too that you may have to “re-sell” the case to another law enforcement agency if the first one declines. The key takeaway from all this? Never forget that safeguarding your goods starts with you and the processes you use to track merchandise.

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