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Best in Show: Four Watches That Wowed at the 2018 Edition of the SIHH




Best in Show: Four Watches That Wowed at the 2018 Edition of the SIHH

Four picks from the prestigious Swiss show that should do well in the U.S. market


It is a great honor to be invited as a journalist to attend the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (also known as the SIHH), and that fact is not lost on me one bit. This is my second year attending the prestigious event held every year in Geneva, Switzerland, and this time around I was less nervous, less lost, and even more impressed at the novelties and releases being introduced by the participating Maisons as well as the independent watch brands exhibiting in the Carré des Horlogers.

Below, I’ve listed four watch picks that wowed me in a variety of categories, and why I think they’ll be standouts for U.S. retailers for 2018.



The original category here was going to be “Best Watch I Did Not Drop” because – I’m embarrassed to say – last year during Greubel Forsey’s press presentation, I experienced a “whoops” moment with a roughly half-million-dollar timepiece. I’m happy to state that this year, however, none of the watches I touched hit the floor.


Watch brand Greubel Forsey’s new “GMT Earth” novelty provides an unprecedented 360-degree view of the planet Earth showing the sphere in its entirety from the North to the South Poles. The GMT Earth enables a clear view of three different time zones simultaneously and within a quarter of an hour. Not only is the watch innovative beyond measure and not only is it made by two of the most well-respected and well-liked watchmakers in the world today, it’s one heck of a good-looking timepiece, as well.




If calorie counting is your gig or you live by the mantra, “thin is in,” then man, has Piaget got a watch for you!

The Maison released its record breaking “Altiplano Ultimate Concept,” developed by the Piaget Research and Innovation division. The watch made waves at the 2018 edition of the SIHH for becoming the world’s thinnest mechanical hand-wound watch at just 2mm thick. Want to know just how thin that is? If you take a one euro coin and measure its thickness, it comes out to 2.33 mm. This watch… this mechanical timepiece… is thinner than a euro. That’s mind blowing. To think that a watch like this doesn’t contain a quartz movement absolutely baffles me. However, I do suggest not wearing it to CrossFit.





(I threw that comic book reference in for our beloved Trace Shelton.)

Montblanc has quickly become one of my favorite, affordable watch brands. Though I guess “affordable” is all relative when one thinks about it, right? What I can afford, my kids’ babysitter likely cannot. What Bill Gates can afford, very few others could. But Montblanc is hitting a price point that makes them popular not only amongst buyers like me who needs their purchases to fall under five figures, but also for millennials who maybe are just starting their watch collections.

The Montblanc 1858 Monopusher Chronograph Limited Edition 100 in 40mm is a fantastic-looking timepiece for all the right reasons. It is a throwback to the vintage Minerva chronographs with a bi-compax dial with small second counter at nine o’clock, chronograph 30-minute counter at three o’clock, and tachymeter scale on the outer part of the dial. And that COLOR! It’s a beauty.




Betsy going off about that new lady in her bridge club again? Fear not, because Cartier has done something we’ve never seen before and may never see again, and that something will entertain you for HOURS while your father-in-law goes into detail about his herniated disc surgery.

With the introduction of Cartier’s new Revelation timepiece, the iconic Cartier panther reveals itself in a feat of “magic” through a breathtaking design that conceptually works like an hourglass. In lieu of sand, however, the dial of the Revelation contains tiny gold beads, which, when tilted, map a meticulous trajectory across the surface of the dial, gradually revealing the outline of a panther’s head before eventually falling downward to allow the onlooker to tell the time. To say the room gasped in delight during the Cartier press conference when this watch was introduced would be a huge understatement.  

Available in three versions – black, green, or red – the watch features a pink gold case, brilliant cut diamond bezel, and a winding crown set with a diamond, emerald or ruby.

These were just four of the dozens of exceptional timepieces introduced in Geneva, but they are four that are getting a lot of great feedback, and the year has barely even started.





Les Georgettes

It’s All About Choices

With beautiful jewelry from Les Georgettes, choice is everything. Choose a design. Change colors. With 30 styles, 3 finishes and 48 stunning leather colors, you’ll never be at a loss for a unique piece of jewelry. Create, mix, stack and collect Les Georgettes by Altesse. Made in France.

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Tools and Services

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Fish Your Wish

Salmon Gold is a new initiative from RESOLVE that is dedicated to the careful re-mining and restoration of Alaskan streams and fish habitats that were negatively affected by past mining operations. Gold from this worthwhile project is already in the supply chains of Tiffany & Co. and Apple.

Become A Wizard

Gemewizard, a leader in digital solutions for the analysis, description, pricing and trading of colored gemstones and colored diamonds, has launched Gem Color Academy, a new interactive online course for colored stone grading. Includes comprehensive online resources as well as course notes, at-home gem kit, and one year Gemewizard subscription.


Refreshed Reporting

The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) has released an updated version of its Credit Report. After a full redesign, the new JBT Credit Report features a convenient front-page overview section, new charts, and live linking of summary information to its source.

Thinking Pink

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has released a software update for its GIA iD100 gem testing device. With the update, the GIA iD100 can now distinguish natural pink diamonds from lab-grown (HPHT and CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants.

24K Winners

Congratulations to the Jewelers 24 Karat Club of Southern California’s 2019 Honorees! The organization recently honored Bill Jones of Sissy’s Log Cabin and Ruben Bindra of B & B Fine Gems for Excellence in Service and presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Terry Chandler of Diamond Council of America.

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This irresistible cactus cutie is ready to safeguard any jewel that you need it to hold. Handmade by Paint My Dream and charming enough to cheer up any display, counter or nightstand that needs a darling designated jewelry landing spot.


Gorgeous Glasses

This clever vessel brings a new meaning to the phrase “on the rocks.” We can’t guarantee that the sparkling diamond half-immersed in the base of this glass will make your beverage taste even better, but we think it’s pretty likely.



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Jewel Tales

Adrienne Rubin’s new book, Diamonds And Scoundrels: My Life In The Jewelry Business, tells the story of the author’s fascinating career through the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. It’s a tale of determination, growth, and the unique challenges that face a woman who seeks both personal and professional fulfillment.


Sipping Pretty

Reusable straws are still a red-hot item for those who like to stay green, and these beautiful crystal-adorned straws are the height of sustainable style. All crystals are fair-mined, and all straws are food-safe stainless steel. Stainless steel straw with amethyst:


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From a Northern-Lights-Inspired Watch to Old Hollywood Elegance in Platinum, These Are the Latest Collections

One cuff takes its inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass.




Cultured Cuff

Lush with the gold and burnt umber hues of autumn, this new Evocateur cuff takes its inspiration from the iconic stained glass of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. A special statement piece and a unique tribute to a legendary American talent.



14K yellow gold earrings with diamonds.

Effortless Elegance

Hannah G’s signature is simple, interchangeable looks: Think shimmering diamonds accented with pops of color, hoop earrings with swappable charms, and streamlined gold with subtle textural accents. This fresh, remarkable brand nails style without sacrificing timelessness in a way your customers will be hard-pressed to resist.


Platinum and emerald ring.

Emerald Empress

The new Emerald Platinum collection from Mia Katrin for Jewel Couture brings pure, old Hollywood elegance and glamour to the modern age. Opulent platinum settings offer a delicate dance of intricate details and clean negative space to make an unforgettable impact.



14K yellow gold necklace.

Chic and Sensual

We’re seeing an Instagram influx of sinuous, clavicle-caressing chains, and these sleek herringbone beauties from Ashley Zhang nail the trend perfectly. Lovely layered or solo, and sufficiently substantial to transition into sweater weather. Available in 3mm or 5mm width to suit all tastes.


Watch with aluminum case and silicon strap in mesh optic.

Celestial Radiance

Inspired by one of nature’s most glorious phenomena — The Northern Lights — this striking new True Aurora collection of watches from Bering Time offers an array of dazzling color options. These modern, sporty timepieces are the perfect way to add a bewitching splash of color to your customers’ wrists.


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