Big Brand Boom/Identity ads help stores make names for themselves

HOW WILL YOU BUILD your store's brand in 2006? As savvy retailers know, it takes more to succeed in the Information Age than putting up a jewelry sign and running a few newspaper ads during the holidays. You've got to differentiate your store during the first 11 months of the year to be the one customers think of in December. You'll need frequency, consistency, and great creative ... but it all starts with a powerful message. What makes your store special? How do you stand out from the crowd? Here's how several highly successful, yet completely different, jewelers are telling their stories. 


Catchy headlines by ad firm JayRay seem ironically unassuming next to the sizzling custom jewelry. The store makes only one of every design, a fact highlighted by the owner's quote in one ad ("If you see the same piece on someone else, they stole it from you") and her amusing admission that the piece pictured has already sold! 


This 60-second radio script gets right to the heart of every man's fears - and puts the jeweler squarely on their side. The informal tone, "relaxing" language, and irreverent humor (mothers-in-law always make good targets!) cements the deal. If you were a self-conscious man looking for an engagement ring in Seattle, where would you go? 

WORDS THAT STRIKE FEAR (60-second radio ad)

script: There are a few words that strike fear in the heart of man. Commitment, yeah, that's one of 'em. Marriage, no question there. And "diamond" ranks pretty high on the list too.  

So for most guys, the thought of shopping for an engagement ring is downright frightening. At E.E. Robbins, since all we do are engagement and wedding rings, we understand what you're feeling. That's why we go overboard to help make your shopping experience relaxing, informative and believe it or not, even fun. You'll never ever be pressured at E.E. Robbins. We hate that! Instead you'll kick back in a comfy chair and sip a Frappecino or a Jones Soda and choose from the Northwest's biggest selection of quality engagement rings - starting at just a few hundred dollars to you-name-it. So relax, don't be scared of engagement rings. It's your future mother-in-law you should be worried about. 


In just six words, this ad does two things - first, it captures the attention of its primary audience (soon-to-be engaged couples), and second, it identifies the advertiser as a pre-eminent supplier of the target's desired product (wedding sets). And, it does all of this with a clever play on the word "aisles." Combined with the gorgeous image and seductively detailed description, this campaign solidified Sonny's as a top bridal provider in the Denver market. 


Breathtaking, stunning, and in-your-face, this campaign lets the beauty of the product it's featuring speak for itself. Extreme close-ups of exceptional jewelry at interesting angles are sure to cause Washington-area readers to do double or even triple-takes. The simple black-and-white logo at bottom right provides an understated yet effective complement. 


Owner Jeff Samuels calls this his "cut through the clutter" campaign, and it's easy to see why. This headline was actually one of the tamest of the ads we saw, but the ad's true brilliance is in the woman's suggestive yet innocent expression. She obviously loves her large ... er, diamond. 


If a single ad can capture a store's essence, this is it. The photo confirms that this is a gallery, not a typical retail jewelry store. The copy on the right side of the ad succinctly explains the store's selling proposition and qualifications. Most importantly, the phrases below the photo tell the story of the jewelry, connecting directly with target customers (meaning, those possessing the qualities described).


Wilkerson Steps in When It’s Time to Step Back

Jim Russell of Stein Jewelry in Madison, Mississippi, says Wilkerson seamlessly handled the sale that let him and his wife “do the things that we have always wanted to do.” Trust Wilkerson to handle your end of business sale—they’ll be there every step of the way.


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