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Bros Manifatture Confirms Its Social Commitment and Its Presence to International Fairs

Bros Manifatture looks up to the market with brand new trust and takes part in two international fairs.




Bros Manifatture Confirms Its Social Commitment and Its Presence to International Fairs

(PRESS RELEASE) Family, social commitment, Italian style, quality and territory: these are the values Bros Manifatture embodies around the world and that orient not only the international holding’s way of doing business, but also its choice of constantly renewing its commitment towards the greater good.

Family beholds ideals, symbol of tradition and progress, coexisting generations that meet and work together towards a shared goal, in a mix of past and present, always trying to grasp what the future holds.

Not even the pandemic was able to contaminate the enthusiasm of the company that is leading the fashion jewelry market and is constantly evolving and embracing new trends: despite the global crisis, Bros Manifatture closed 2020 with positivity, which is the result of the commitment of a structured group, that always looks forward to the next challenge.

While Bros Manifatture kept on investing on a solid retail presence around the world, it also increased the number of total online sales for the brands Brosway, Rosato, S’Agapo and Pianegonda, answering the needs of an ever-growingly conscious and mobile-friendly consumer.

Digital, but without ever losing the close relationship with clients and partners: Bros Manifatture looks up to the market with brand new trust and takes part in two international fairs – JCK in Las Vegas (NV) next August and Vicenza Oro, next September 2021. Compared to last year, the expectations on the future business have more than doubled and the will to take part to physical events will never fade – this is to stress the importance of a close relationship with retailers and partners and the necessity to build important collaborations that will last over time.

When facing a social disruption with no equals in history, one needs to stop and reassess their priorities: for Bros Manifatture, at the core of the company’s mission stand the social commitment, the support to charity organizations and the rediscovery of its Italian origins.


For this reason, the holding has renewed and activated partnerships with NPOs and charity associations, both in Italy and abroad and funds have been devolved in support of scientific research.

In particular, Rosato has partnered up with Legambiente – an Italian environmental onlus to try and raise funds to increase protection and rescuing activities of Loggerhead sea turtles, currently risking extinction; in the United States, Brosway has lent a crucial hand to the Red Cross during the pandemic.

Locally, the strong bond with the Italian territory and Marche region in specific, has led the holding to investing in environmental restructuring activities: the historic Palazzo Alaleona, situated in the center of Montegiorgio (Marche, FM) has been renewed and will soon be ready for reopening in the form of luxury relais, hosting tourists and travellers from all over the world and drawing new attention to small Italian towns.

Furthermore, Bros Manifatture’s Officina del Sole, an estate on Marche’s famous hills, renowned for its breathtaking views and signature wine and olive oil production, will host a farmer’s museum and will promote learning activities.

Many are the cultural and social projects Bros Manifatture has in store and they are all aimed at addressing and satisfying the needs of a new, conscious consumer, that is not only keen on high quality products, but also wants to share and embrace the values and initiatives of the brands they choose to buy from.




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