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Bufkor Released a New Eco-Friendly Packaging Line

Leading up to Earth Day this year it promoted new products and procedures that will leave a more gentle footstep on our planet.




Bufkor Released a New Eco-Friendly Packaging Line

(PRESS RELEASE) Bufkor have been working for the past few months on changing how it thinks about packaging. And, it’s adopting several new practices to reduce our impact on the planet. Leading up to Earth Day this year it promoted new products and procedures that will leave a more gentle footstep on our planet.

At Bufkor ,it has over 120 years of experience making signature jewelry displays and packaging. Its brand’s philosophy is quality one-stop-shopping. From concept to design, to manufacturing and logistics, its team can do it all.

Now, it adds Eco-Friendly packaging to its repertoire.

Introducing the Genesis Collection

Its teams went back to the drawing board to design a new collection that was sustainable from the roots to the tips. And the result from this multi-disciplinary team is nothing short of spectacular.

What makes Genesis eco-friendly?


Quality is in its DNA, which is why Bufkor has searched for high-quality sustainable materials that will not only meet the changing needs of your customers, but also capture your brand’s true essence.

For this collection it starts by building its boxes out of FSC certified chipboard. The interior pads are covered with a fabric made out of recycled plastic bottles that are fished out of the sea, and then upcycled to a luxurious velvet with a soft touch! This fabric contains 100% post-consumer waste PET- Bottles. The recycling of post-consumer waste into a long-lasting product is an enormous contribution to help reduce waste that goes into landfills or into our oceans and end up hurting the marine world.

Its box’s exterior is wrapped in a 100% Organic, plastic-free, colored coating on an FSC certified kraft base. This coating contains zero petroleum-based compounds, hazardous chemicals, and solvents and only uses natural, organic compounds. FSC Certified – Meets EU Reach, RoHS, CPSIA, EN71, and TSCA Requirements Recyclable – Repulpable – Plastic Free.

At Bufkor, its here to help your brand make the shift into sustainable packaging with its new Genesis Collection.



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