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Calendar for Jewelers: April 2016



National Fun At Work Day

Every day should be spiced with fun and a playful attitude, but especially National Fun at Work Day on April 1.


When you think of senior citizens you probably don’t
immediately think of baby boomers, but that’s increasingly
who they are. This month, OLDER AMERICANS MONTH, devise
a project that targets this still important demographic — maybe
a tie-in with Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday (May 24, 1941) or maybe
a jewelry roundtable. Boomers may have stopped blowing in the
wind, but they still like to get out and experience and learn new

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 edition of INSTORE.


1 Today marks the 35th
anniversary of the debut of
, considered the first
big corporate loyalty program.
In the intervening three decades,
American Airlines’ fortunes have
fluctuated, but loyalty programs
are everywhere, which should
tell you something: The secret to
repeat customers isn’t hard-toredeem
miles, it’s the quality of
the experience you offer. When
that experience exceeds expectations,
customers will be back, and
they’ll tell their friends. You can
help it along, however, by rewarding
referrals, remembering
names and offering insider perks. Repeat customers invariably
account for the bulk of your sales

1-7Each May, Washington
as an opportunity
to pay tribute to the key contribution
made by small business to
the national economy, but that’s
about where it stops. With elections
looming, get active in your
local business groups to see the
issues that matter to you, such as
taxes and the regulatory burdens,
get paid more than lip service.


MAY 2-3
Watch & Jewelry
Guild Show
Brooklyn, NY


MAY 3-7
Jewellery &
Watch Show
Abu Dhabi, UAE

MAY 4-8
Shanghai, China

MAY 7-11
Arezzo, Italy

GLDA Las Vegas
Gem Show
Las Vegas, NV

MAY 30-31
Watch & Jewelry
Guild Show Las
Vegas, NV

JCK Luxury
Las Vegas, NV


, raise a margarita in honor of
General Ignacia Zaragoza Seguin and his brave patriots and lay out
a special presentation of your
best turquoise and silver lines.

8 MOTHER’S DAY, one of the
big days on a jeweler’s calendar,
means it’s actually time
to think small: community, kids
and price points low enough
to be accessible to all. Corinne
Jewelers in Toms River, NJ,
covered all the bases with their
Junior Jeweler competition last
year in which local elementary
school students were invited
to design a piece that the store
would make for the winner’s
mother. The level of excitement
was “off the charts” both for the
students and staff, says Corinne’s
owner Ryan Blumenthal. “For
our designers, it was like the thrill
they get from creating a great custom
piece, times 10.”

is a perfect time
for reflection on one of his important
lessons: Focus on what’s
important and on what works
and let go of the rest. This applies
to advice offered by mentors
and staff, the work practices you
use now and what you read in
INSTORE. Invite input, keep an
open mind, and act to declutter.

19 PThe book that inspired
arguably the most famous
and romantic movie of all time
celebrates its 80th birthday today.
is a great excuse for a party. Read
book excerpts, hold a costume
contest, do impressions (“I don’t
know nothin’ bout birthin’ babies,
Miz Scarlett”) or hold a trivia

30 MEMORIAL DAY is here,
and along with it the
unofficial start to summer. Leave
the discounting to stores selling
big-screen TVs, but freshen your
displays to reflect the seasonal
change: Casual couture, cord
bracelets, palm-tree charms?
We’ll leave the choices up to the
experts … you!


Gause and Son Jewelers


Gary Youngberg learned two
things at college: University
wasn’t for him, but jewelry most
certainly was. An attempt to
make a Valentine’s Day present
for his then girlfriend/now wife,
Karen, sparked a lifelong love of
jewelry-making. Starting as a
dorm-room workshop (equipped
with a torch no less), his business
has grown to be an institution in
downtown Ames, IA, with a staff
that includes Gary and Karen’s
two sons, Kyle and Kirk. The
Youngbergs attribute the store’s
longevity to hard work, having
fun, and an appreciation that as a
“family, we are on call 24/7/365.”
He plans to celebrate the anniversary
with a rare sale (held only
every five years) and a party.



Few stones are as
flawed (or at least
included) as the
EMERALD, but that
didn’t deter maharajahs
and sultans seeking them out
for their turbans and European
kings for their crowns for hundreds
of years. And even today,
they’re still unlikely to be at their
best without a lot of cutting and a
little oil. Emerald is the traditional
gift for the 55th wedding anniversary,
but it can also be given on
the 20th or 35th anniversary.



Wilkerson Testimonials

Having a Moving Sale? Let Wilkerson Do the Heavy Lifting

For Jim Woodard, owner of Woodard’s Diamonds & Design in Tullahoma, Tenn., when it was time for a moving sale, there was only one company to help with the event: Wilkerson. “They brought in the right team for us,” he says, remarking about the sale’s extraordinary results, including a nearly 500% monthly sales increase compared to the previous year. “I wanted to have the best in the industry. And that’s the main reason why I contacted Wilkerson.”

Promoted Headlines


A Good Idea for Thanksgiving, and More Important Dates for November

Includes a fitting tribute to the quiz show Twenty Questions.




2 The quiz show TWENTY QUESTIONS MADE ITS DEBUT on national television on this day 70 years ago. Mark the occasion by brainstorming 20 questions to get your customers talking. Sami Fine Jewelry in Fountain Hills, AZ, came up with a list that ranged from icebreakers like “What kind of pets do you own?” to those with a specific sale in mind: “How would you like to be a hero for under $100?”

19 Mark management expert PETER DRUCKER’S BIRTHDAY by saying no to something that you feel is vaguely important, but if you were to be brutally realistic, you don’t have time for.

28 Get in the spirit of THANKSGIVING by sending a goodie bag to your best 50 customers (be sure to include a coupon). It’s likely they provide an outsized contribution to your success.

29 It’s showtime! BLACK FRIDAY marks the traditional start of the shopping season. Spur your holiday sales with a special coupon mailed to your customer list.

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Manager's To Do

Considering Store Layout, Guilt-Easing Gift Ideas, and More Manager’s To-Do Items for November

And here’s a key scheduling tip for your holiday email marketing.




Nov 3-9

STORE LAYOUT Look out for store fixtures that are too tall to allow shoppers to look across and take in your store. Fixtures that restrict visibility through the space kill the “spirit” of a store and the impulse to buy.

INVENTORY Investigate vendor spiffs. Your suppliers want their lines to succeed this season, so take advantage of the incentives they offer.

Video: Increase Your Jewelry Sales Through Add-Ons
Jimmy Degroot

Video: Increase Your Jewelry Sales Through Add-Ons

Video: It’s Not My Problem When You Buy a $120 Ring and Your Wife Finds Out It’s ‘Fake’

Video: It’s Not My Problem When You Buy a $120 Ring and Your Wife Finds Out It’s ‘Fake’

Video: Things to Remember When Dealing with ‘Gonna Buy’ Jewelry Customers

Video: Things to Remember When Dealing with ‘Gonna Buy’ Jewelry Customers

ONLINE Mobile devices are expected to drive about 70 percent of all Christmas-related retail traffic this year. Test your website and any apps to ensure the customer experience on tablets and phones is working as well as on desktops. It often doesn’t.

Nov 10-16

MARKETING Post your advertising schedule in the back room. Make sure your staff is fully aware of what promotions will run when.

SALES Find “guilt-easing” gift ideas to go with gift cards or certificates. For bigger certificate amounts, have a “real” gift — like Belgian chocolates or a bottle of wine — close at hand that you can bundle in free.

Nov 17-23

MARKETING With only four weeks to go until Christmas, step up your email campaigns to twice per week. Schedule campaigns on Thursdays or Fridays to stimulate purchases over the weekend, when conversion rates typically peak.

MERCHANDISING Impulse buys can come in many price ranges and store locations. Rethink the way you normally position these items.

STAFF Show your team how much you appreciate their efforts. Take them out for an activity or nice meal. Team-building will make it easier to get through the weeks ahead.

Nov 24-30

GOODWILL Play Santa: Sneak a little gift into every wrapped item.

OPERATIONS Starting today, hold a short staff meeting every morning, keeping everyone informed on progress. Single out a separate item each day and discuss the best way to present it. Keep the meetings short and make sure they end on an upbeat note.

TRAINING Coach your associates to steer more. Urge them to ask about the colors that spouses or partners wear, whether they prefer gold or silver, and if they favor big or small earrings. Advise them to keep the number of recommendations limited.

MANAGEMENT You should now be in full holiday-season mode. For last-minute tips and promotional ideas, go to your own INSTORE archives (or our past issues at

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Why National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day Matters to Your Store, and More Important Dates for October

Don’t miss your chance to capitalize on Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month.




1 Research estimates that 85 percent of an individual’s financial success can be attributed to their “human engineering skills” — that is, their ability to communicate and lead. During EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AWARENESS MONTH, improve your ability to make others feel valued and understood. It requires good listening skills, empathy, and a commitment to inspire positive feelings.

1 At the start of CO-OP AWARENESS MONTH, weigh up the pros and cons of using co-op dollars for holiday advertising and make a decision based on your circumstances.

9 A little-appreciated fact: Teddy Bears look great in diamonds. On NATIONAL BRING YOUR TEDDY BEAR TO WORK DAY, feature a few bling-wearing teddies in your cases.

29 Today, THE INTERNET TURNS 50. If your online presence is little more than an electronic brochure for your store, sit down and map out a more aggressive online strategy.

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