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California Jewelry Designer Creates Magic in Retail Space

It’s called the Goddess Den.




California Jewelry Designer Creates Magic in Retail Space

Q&A with Logan Hollowell

Q. What do women want in engagement jewelry?

A. Women (or men) want a story and some elements to it that go beyond a diamond. They want something more creative; they’re open to using different gemstones and diamonds. Many want a moonstone or a morganite.

Q. What was your approach to your retail space, The Goddess Den?

A. I wanted the space to feel airy and open and encompass all of the elements and engage all of the senses. I wanted people to feel they were in a gentle place where they can relax and feel beautiful and play with the jewelry.

Q. How do you help couples create the perfect engagement ring?

A. The clients come in and tell us what kind of vibe they’re going for, what budget they have in mind, what feeling they’re trying to encompass. We present different options, whether they have something in mind or need more guidance and support. We’ll offer sketches, help them decide on a gemstone and a direction. And then we create it and we send them pictures along the way. Our customers really want to be a part of the magic and we love to share the experience with them.


Q. How did you acquire a celebrity following?

A. Celebrities as clients happened naturally. I was making pieces for myself, and for friends, bloggers, influencers, models who are friends; they wanted to order that piece I was wearing. I would make them pieces and it took off organically like that, they would get excited and tag me on Instagram. Social media was a huge tag to get exposure.

Q. What type of wellness events have you hosted?

A. We have a wellness event every month for the team and we invite some of our clients to join us. We’ve had sound baths, a meditative experience where you have a sound healer, and everyone is lying down with an eye pillow. It’s about using sounds that create different frequencies and balance your chakras, bringing more peace and tranquility. We’ve brought in a meditation teacher for simple meditation technques; it’s hard for people to know where to start.

Q. How significant is your wholesale business?

A. We have about 20 wholesale accounts. We’re pretty selective, there’s a minimum purchase order and we want to be sure the store is a really good fit, that we have a bond and we feel they can represent the jewelry well and explain it.

Q. What are you working on now to move beyond jewelry and create a lifestyle brand?

A. In June, I launched a new product category, a collection of linen designs intended to be worn throughout carefree summer adventures. The LH x La Bottega Di Brunella is inspired by my infatuation with the Amalfi Coast. Each piece is hand sewn with the finest Italian cotton and crafted on the island of Positano by family-owned La Bottega Di Brunella. These pieces are a true celebration of the essence of a Siren, the fierce goddess who has the world at her fingertips, and each piece creates the perfect canvas for goddesses to layer my signature jewelry pieces shine, level up, and carry out their lives with confidence and passion. The 9-piece collection is available on and ranges from $150-$350.


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