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Centurion Freecom and GemFind JewelCloud Announce E-Commerce Collaboration




(PRESS RELEASE) MERRICK, NY/NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Effective immediately, CENTURION and its CENTURION FREECOM E-COMMERCE platform and GEMFIND and its JEWELCLOUD E-COMMERCE platform will collaborate to make more product images and related data from jewelry designers and manufacturers available to the retail jewelers using their systems.

CENTURION has recently launched its CENTURION FREECOM platform to support the hundreds of exhibitors and retailers who attend its highly regarded CENTURION SCOTTSDALE and CENTURION SOUTH BEACH trade shows. Active exhibitors are each able to place 100 top-selling items on the FREECOM platform at no charge, and active retail attendees can display the merchandise for sale on a Magento 2 online store on their website, also at no charge.

GEMFIND, established in 1999 (about the same time CENTURION was founded) services hundreds of retailer and manufacturer websites on multiple platforms, and has a robust library of regularly updated designer and manufacturer digital images and data with seamless feeds to those websites for presentation and E-COMMERCE purposes.

Images and Data to be Shared


The collaboration will employ a connection between CENTURION FREECOM and GEMFIND’s JEWELCLOUD, such that all CENTURION exhibitor images and data on either platform will become conveniently available on both platforms, subject to individual exhibitor approval. For security purposes, the systems are both “double permission based.” The retailer requests images/data within the platform and the manufacturer approves each request.

“This collaboration signals our mutual intention to make it easier and more convenient to stream mission critical, quality product data from manufacturer to retailer, which has proven to be the core of building on-line success,” said Alex Fetanat, president of GEMFIND.

“Our team shares GEMFIND’s quality vision and will be counseling our exhibitors and assisting them in providing quality product materials that will truly enhance the retailer’s online shopping experience,” said Howard Hauben, president of CENTURION. “This means more of a quality versus quantity approach, focused on better images on white backgrounds, better descriptions, and data than can easily be found by the consumer in the right product category on the retailer’s website,” Hauben added. “We also want help retailers to display more and more merchandise on their sites that leverages the live inventory they have invested in in their stores, thus driving overall turn.”

JewelCloud “Upgrades” Available from Centurion Freecom

As part of the collaboration, the CENTURION FREECOM platform will soon feature “upgrade” applications available from JEWELCLOUD APPS at special prices for CENTURION FREECOM Platform retailers, including: DIAMOND LINK, RING BUILDER, STUD BUILDER, PENDANT BUILDER, WATCH BUILDER and a RETAIL LOCATOR for Facebook.

CENTURION FREECOM is a solution agnostic system,” explained Hauben. “We have built tools to make it easy and inexpensive for better jewelry stores to capitalize on digital business opportunities, including our MAGENTO 2 Platform and a Diamond Search system with thousands of stones, among other things. We are thrilled to collaborate with GEMFIND who is among the industry leaders in building compelling tools helping retailers and exhibitors succeed with digital collaboration,” he said, adding, “and we are also very open to additional collaboration with GEMFIND and other industry solution providers.”


For further information contact Alex Fetanat at [email protected], 1-800-373-4373 or Howard Hauben at [email protected], 1-888-427-4697.



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