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Chris Ploof Designs and Noble Audio Release First Damascus Stainless Steel Ear Monitor

This unique and exciting partnership was created with exclusivity and appreciation for art at the forefront.




(PRESS RELEASE) In a partnership that brings together two of the best in both audio and jewelry, Noble Audio and Chris Ploof Designs have built the world’s first Damascus stainless steel ear monitors. With unparalleled beauty and sound, these unique monitors are a must have for music and style lovers who want a unique experience. Created by Dr. John Moulton, the driver combination was built using the most groundbreaking technology in sound. Chris Ploof designed the monitors, drawing on the art and patterns from both ancient and Viking history, and using his signature detailed artistic style. The steel was hand forged then precision finished to create a statement piece for a very limited edition run.

More than a century ago, there was a worldwide craft movement in reaction to the Industrial Revolution, and today, in the Digital Age, history is repeating itself. This appreciation for the slow, artisan approach to art and luxury defines Chris Ploof Designs as well as this project.

“Our partnership with Noble Audio on some projects has been amazing. Starting with inserts for their Sultan line of IEM’s, then 18k gold and diamond IEM’s, now we have the Viking, a true world first in the use of damascus stainless steel. Combining jewelry making techniques and materials with world class audio leading to wearable luxury has been a dream collaboration,” said Chris Ploof.

This unique and exciting partnership was created with exclusivity and appreciation for art at the forefront. Chris’ detailed rings are known all over the world for their beauty and craftsmanship, and it was a natural next step for his brand to work with another groundbreaking artist like Noble Audio. Bringing his famous level of detail to ear monitors was a challenging but welcomed project. With a new medium for his work, Chris began imagining how the Noble Viking could inspire others to pursue art and luxury.

The Noble Viking was so groundbreaking that the $7,500 units were all sold before production even began.




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