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You Can Now Create Effective Ads As Unique As Your Jewelry Business




Are you a jewelry retailer looking for ways to improve your marketing?

Being a jeweler is a craft that requires a large amount of industry knowledge. That knowledge must be then passed on to clients to educate them about the jewelry. Customer service and attention to detail is a must. In that same fashion, I would like to help you create better ads to educate your clients about your jewelry business.

Does your website text need improvement? Are the product descriptions in your website attracting the attention they deserve? Is you’re goal to generate interest? How about a sales letter to generate inquiries. That’s where I can help. My business is copywriting and my mission is to write copy that will inform your clients about your jewelry business as well as motivate them to take action. My goal is to deliver a great product and provide memorable customer service. Contact me by using any of the information below. You’ll be glad you did!

P.S. If you have an immediate need or have any questions about my services. Don’t hesitate to ask. I can provide you with a FREE 15-minute consultation to evaluate your business needs. If you’re looking for information, I would like to offer you a FREE digital brochure. 5 ways to grow your jewelry business using social media. There is no commitment or obligation of any kind.

Carlos Sequeira, Freelance Copywriter
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