Brand Ambassadors: Vanie Vanerian

Polacheck's buyer explains why Rahaminov Diamonds designs work for customers that demand perfection.


Published in the February 2012 issue

The mere fact that her store carries Rahaminov Diamonds testifies to the high quality of the brand, says Vanie Vanerian. "We don't carry many jewelry lines," says the buyer for Polacheck's Jewelers, who picked this one up in 1999. "It's all handpicked jewelry that [owner] Brent Polacheck and I have selected. " But even among such a luxe crowd, Rahaminov's pieces stand out. The loose diamond wholesaler designs unique pieces specifically for gorgeous center stones, and their precise craftsmanship means each stone finds a home that perfectly suits its brilliance. Last year, Polacheck's sold well over seven figures just in Rahaminov's fashion pieces. "That's why we love this line -- they are perfectionists," says Vanerian. "It saves us a lot of time, because I know a piece is going to be right when it comes from them."

CUSTOMERS LOVE IT BECAUSE: "Our client wants 'unique,' and Rahaminov offers that. Their jewelry can't be compared to anything else. You can't compare a mass-produced piece with a masterpiece."

IT'S EASY TO SELL BECAUSE: "I wear it. I live and work in a dream world of beautiful jewelry, but in reality, I can only purchase a few pieces. In the last 10 years, the majority of the pieces I have purchased have come from Rahaminov. People see the jewelry on me and ask about them."

MY FAVORITE PIECES ARE: "The Kafani collection. The combination of rough diamonds, rose cuts, and matte finish on the metals is extraordinary and so versatile. I am just as comfortable wearing it with jeans as I am wearing it to a black-tie affair." I like working with them because: "'No' is not in their vocabulary. Once I explain my vision, they are able to make it into a reality. I don't feel like a client; we are more like family."

"Vanie's passion for Rahaminov jewelry truly sells our brand: When Vanie sees one of our new pieces and says she loves it, we know it will sell." — TAMARA RAHAMINOV GOLDFINER, OWNER/DESIGNER, RAHAMINOV DIAMONDS