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Essential Secrets of America’s Coolest Stores

Written by

Eileen McClelland

editor at
INSTORE Magazine.


ho doesn’t want to be cool?

After all, it means “fashionably attractive or impressive.”

Other synonyms? Stylish, chic, up-to-the-minute, sophisticated, trendy, funky, with it, hip, happening, groovy, deserving, out-of-this-world, etc., etc. Crackerjack and copacetic, even.

The original deadline to enter America’s Coolest Stores contest was today, March 15, but since it’s been extended a full week to March 22, you still have the chance to share your cool factor with us, and — potentially -- the jewelry world and your customers.

If you aren’t sure you’re quite cool enough to compete, please reconsider.

The application process allows you to show off how cool your store looks (with photos), but that isn’t the only qualification of cool. The judging goes beyond appearances.

You’ll also have a chance to share your marketing materials and social media campaigns, your out-of-the-box events, your approach to philanthropy, management, sales and merchandising, custom design and repair services – everything that makes your store truly unique.

The application process is a chance to truly think about all the innovative things you do every day to make your jewelry store shine.

So, if you do decide to enter, please be as specific as possible in the application. Instead of writing that your store, “excels at customer service,” please tell us exactly what that means – how often you follow up with customers, how you make the shopping experience special, what you’ve done to go the extra mile.

Did you redo your store on a budget? Do you have fun contests to inspire your sales staff? Have you created a particularly comfortable space for bridal shoppers?

How are you different from your competitor down the street?

Talk about why you love the business and what you do to motivate your staff and make your customers smile.

Maybe you’ll realize you (and your store) are cooler than you ever imagined.

Questions? Visit the tips section at, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact me directly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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