Tuesday, 22 March 2016 20:00

Five Awesome Things About the Jewelry Business

Written by

Eileen McClelland

editor at
INSTORE Magazine.


e’ve got a story coming up about what’s “awesome” about being in the retail jewelry business.

Here are five of my favorites, from among 50 you’ll find in print in INSTORE in May, to add a little inspiration to your day. Please feel free to comment — and add what’s on your own list.

1. Making an object someone loves that will outlast you. Every piece is like a bit of immortality.

2. On Christmas morning, hundreds of folks squealing with delight, opening boxes with your name on them.

3. The freedom to be a hopeless romantic. 4. You become a good listener, in and out of your store. You’re really a psychologist without a degree.

5. The privilege of helping people as they celebrate the milestones of their lives.



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