Monday, 11 April 2016 20:00

Booth Preview: MeditationRings


The one product we're most excited to show in Chicago is our beautiful new Eternal Jewel Collection MeditationRings.

Our lines are perfect for stores that are looking for a brand that encompasses everything that the modern day consumer truly wants. A piece of jewelry that has a meaning, brings you comfort while being unique and striking. Our exclusive brand MeditationRings are sought after by consumers globally. We have an affordable brand that consumers want, love and cherish.

We're unique because our MeditationRings are intricately designed and hand crafted. All of our MeditationRings have names that the wearer identifies with, such as journey, grace and harmony.

Stop by our booth and meet Naomi and Derek Traimer, because we are crazy about MeditationRings and we are sure when you leave our booth, you will be too!!


Gorgeous new Eternal Jewel MeditationRings!

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