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Booth Preview: Orion Welders / Sunstone

Orion Welders / Sunstone

The one product we're most excited to show in Chicago is the Orion LZR 60 or LZR 100 laser welder. Purchase either laser model and receive an Orion mPulse30 pulse arc welder for free!

Our products are perfect for stores that want to find ways to work faster with more professional and consistent results. Whether making or repairing jewelry, Orion keeps the work and profits in-house.

We're unique because no one matches the quality of our products and the high level of customer service we provide.


Orion LZR 60 & 100 Laser welders now available. State of the art laser welders with features only found on these Orion models. Every laser welder purchase comes with an Orion mPulse30 pulse arc welder included. Stop by our booth to try it out and get all the details.

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