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Booth Preview: Andrew Hamilton Crawford

Andrew Hamilton Crawford

The one product we're most excited to show in Chicago is our never-before-seen "Elite Luxury" collection. Think dainty layering pieces BUT that's all the hints we can give! See you soon!

Our lines are perfect for stores that are looking for gift-giving products, self-purchase jewelry, travel jewelry and impulse buys! Summer is quickly arriving which means our fine jewelry retailers are beginning to liven up their showcases with Summer brights and our top-selling neutrals, of course! This collectible line keeps your customers happily walking through the door to add to their collection!

We're unique because our collection is the line that women of all ages gravitate to as it combines whimsical elements with classic and timeless design! With our fine jewelry background, quality is of upmost importance. Proudly carry a fashion-forward line that your customers don't have to think twice about! Oh and did we mention our Southern charm? Our intimate team is happy to assist in anything from customized graphics and marketing materials to answering any questions you may have along the way!

Stop by our booth and meet Chad, AHC's designer. He is the very best at offering the inside scoop on what's new and hot, the stories and inspirations behind each collection, plus what pieces you should try this season!


With a strong focus on functional design and historical motifs that stem from Lotus Flowers to Faberge Eggs, our new High Wire Bracelet Collection carries many symbolisms and trend-setting features. This is summer jewelry at its finest, each pieces is light-weight and versatile!

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