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Booth Preview: Red Door Distributions

Red Door Distributions

The one product we're most excited to show in Chicago is our new yellow and emerald resins. They deliver even more detail and now easier to cast. Jewelers all over the globe are using it and loving it.

This is also the best priced resin on the market, high-resolution 20-micron slices, castable and great for molding. Buy yours today, visit our site for more information.

We will also be launching our new site which will allow you to view 100s of CAD files that are ready to print on our B9Creator. You can also store your CAD files, share them with others or sell and purchase new files.

We're unique because we will now be offering a easy way to store CAD files, share them with others, or sell/purchase CAD files. Browse CAD files with renderings and all the information that you will need to manufacture it. This new system will also allow you to view renderings in a "showcase " mode so you can view them in front of your clients, make customer notes and create a job for them. Visit our booth for more information.

Stop by our booth and we will be able to answer all of your questions and give you some samples of our new resins yellow and emerald. You can also see B9Creator HD 1.2 running live. See you soon!


We are now selling our new resins, emerald and yellow, which now give you more detail and now easier to cast. Stop by our booth and pick up a sample! We will also be launching our new web service that will help you view CAD files to print.

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