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Crazy Job Applicant Requests? One Wanted to Attend Every College Home Game

Another ‘wanted more than I make.’




Crazy Job Applicant Requests? One Wanted to Attend Every College Home Game
    • One person I interviewed wanted more than I make. Also, dictating when they would work and four weeks paid vacation the first year. Alan Beckner, Beckner Jewelry & Repairs, Naples, FL
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  • I long for the days when people appreciated having a job in a business like ours! My last disappointment was a woman in her 50s telling me she would be available on Saturdays (when I needed her most) only to discover that, upon hiring her, she absolutely had to go to every Virginia Tech home football game! Really? Jane Johnson, RM Johnson & Sons, Salem, VA
  • Funny, they all want weekends and evenings off. Haha! Me too! Stacey Gelmici-Saunders, Gelmici Jewellers, Edson, AB
  • Yes! We are getting demands for no weekends due to their recreational activity such as volleyball, golf, even babysitting grandchildren. It’s retail! Alison Sophy, Sophy Jewelers, St Clair, PA
  • One in particular wanted the entire month of December off to travel. Linda McEathron, Design House, Waco, TX
  • Total lack of qualified people. Was surprised to have a prospective employee ask for a lot of money, health benefits and retirement benefits. No jewelry experience. Michael Cook, Walter J. Cook Jeweler, Paoli, PA
  • We had part-time employees ask about health benefits and even moving reimbursement. Beth Cevasco, Scott’s Custom Jewelers, Fairlawn, OH
  • It’s ugly out there! I can’t afford to employ entry level any more. Trying to find real salespeople is tricky; they want a big salary and commission. No one wants to work hard any more. Laurie Langdon-Gerber, Elisa Ilana Jewelry, Omaha, NE
  • We have a hard time getting applicants and the ones we get aren’t dressed appropriately: shorts and flip-flops. Charles Hood, C.B. Hood Diamond Co., Santa Maria, CA
  • I live in a market driven by the oil field, so it’s boom or bust. It’s very hard to find good help in a boom and plentiful to find it in a bust. Marc Majors, Sam L. Majors, Midland, TX
  • We had a new hire not want to sign off on our background check because it addresses medical issues. The medical portion is there to check if someone has had mental issues, drug abuse or pre-existing injuries. We check it to protect ourselves from potential work comp issues. We couldn’t hire her. Elizabeth Kittell, Pretty In Patina, Omaha, NE
  • Tried to find help, but no one even applied. Laurie Cusher, Hyde Park Jeweler, Hyde Park, NY
  • Mostly surprised at their resumes. They all change jobs every year! Cathy Calhoun, Calhoun Jewelers, Royersford, PA
  • Yes and no, it’s been trending for a little while. Fewer and fewer workers want to work Saturdays, and more and more applicants are demanding more time off and requesting more flexible times. The days of someone young being eager to work their way up seem long gone. Kim Hatchell, Galloway & Moseley, Sumter, SC
  • We do not offer insurance and lost two good manager candidates to jobs outside the industry that did. Russell Criswell, Vulcan’s Forge, Kansas City, MO
  • Not really any demands, just unqualified people unfortunately. Alisha Moore, Toner Jewelers, Overland Park, KS
  • I was surprised how many “applied,” sent their name and wanted more info, yet never followed through. Possibly just getting job application quota for welfare benefits. Julee Johnson, Julee’s Jewelry, Mankato, MN
  • I hear a lot of, “How much will I make and will I have to work on Saturday?” That’s a deal breaker for me. Murphy McMahon, Murphy McMahon & Co., Kalispell, MT
  • Yes: phone rights, sleeping later than required to be here, all Saturdays off and two weeks to three weeks vacation the first year. Just a few. Tim Wright, Simply Unique Jewelry Designs, Yorktown, VA
  • I did hire recently and I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of our candidates. Sue Parker, Nyman Jewelers, Excanaba, MI
  • Not really. A lot of younger people don’t even apply for retail. I mostly hire 55 and olders! Teddie Gause, Gause and Son Jewelers, Ocala, FL
  • We have hired an awesome young lady that we are paying less than she was making, but we gave her the opportunity to make more by her performance. Brenda Hefner, Oz’s Jewelers, Hickory, NC
  • The tight labor market doesn’t seem to have affected my area as much as others. Jon Walp, Long Jewelers, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Part-time do not want to work full days, want to leave daily for lunch, want higher starting hourly wage. Some only want to sell, don’t want to install batteries, don’t want to set-up, etc. Jody Bond, Just Gold Jewelers, Stuart, FL
  • Applicants want to pick and choose the hours they are to work and they want $18-$20 an hour. Georgena Kincaid, Gold Casters Fine Jewelry, Bloomington, IN

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Wilkerson Testimonials | Sollberger’s

Going Out of Business Is an Emotional Journey. Wilkerson Is There to Make It Easier.

Jaki Cowan, the owner of Sollberger’s in Ridgeland, MS, decided the time was right to close up shop. The experience, she says, was like going into the great unknown. There were so many questions about the way to handle the store’s going-out-of-business sale. Luckily for Cowan, Wilkerson made the transition easier and managed everything, from marketing to markdowns.

“They think of everything that you don’t have the time to think of,” she says of the Wilkerson team that was assigned to manage the sale. And it was a total success, with financial goals met by Christmas with another sale month left to go.

Wilkerson even had a plan to manage things while Covid-19 restrictions were still in place. This included limiting the number of shoppers, masking and taking temperatures upon entrance. “We did everything we could to make the staff and public feel as safe as possible.”

Does she recommend Wilkerson to other retailers thinking of retiring, liquidating or selling excess merchandise? Absolutely. “If you are considering going out of business, it’s obviously an emotional journey. But truly rest assured that you’re in good hands with Wilkerson.”

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