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Customer Types: Princess Charming




Princess Charming-type jewelry customer

This customer is easy to spot: She will come into the store well turned out, made up and usually sporting something pink or sparkly or just plain sweet. She doesn’t reach too far out of the norm, but given the choice, she will choose something with a flourish or a special light-hearted detail. She’s the customer you share a giggle with. Show her designs that are a bit traditional but with a swirl or two. Diamonds and sparkly stones will entice her because she wants to keep in touch with her inner princess. —   C I N D Y    E D E L S T E I N

This article originally appeared in the January 2015 edition of INDESIGN.

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When you dream like royalty, you gravitate toward regal designs — so watch for this customer around your most glittering cases. She will want to see diamonds in fanciful designs with swirls and curliques. She can justify any purchase as long as it fits her like a glass slipper, but just in case she comes from a smaller kingdom, you should have a few less expensive (but similar) styles to delight her.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Carousel earrings in 18K with tourmalines (2.27-carat and 2.59-carat), oval diamonds (0.62 TCW) and round diamonds (1.32 TCW) by Gumuchian.




The best thing about a diamond bracelet is that unlike necklaces and earrings, you can stare at it all evening long. So for Princess Charming, her bracelet needs to be more showy and flowery than a simple line. She will want to follow the light as it dances off her wrist, so go for anything more elaborate than a row or tennis bracelet. The more feminine curves, the better.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 18K white gold pavé Garden Gate bracelet with white diamonds (5.20 TCW) by Paul Morelli.



Simple stone pendants can be worn easily by many customer types, but Princess Charming will love the sparkle of the diamonds as well as the intense pink color of the center stone. Show her any light, brightly colored stones in simple settings and see if her eyes light up.


PRODUCT DETAILS: Pendant handcrafted with a 1.64-carat round pink sapphire center stone accented with pink sapphires (0.20 TCW) and brilliant diamond rounds (0.19 TCW) set in platinum and 18K rose gold by Omi Privé.



While crowns are very literal to this customer type, she will definitely moon over them. Wearing two together makes it an even more interesting design.

PRODUCT DETAILS: 18K yellow gold Princess Crown ring accented with diamonds (0.62 TCW) by Erica Courtney


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