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YOU  might be addicted to social media if … [/dropcap]

1. you count the number of friends you have by your Facebook friend count

2. you have more Facebook friends than in real life

3. you read Digg homepage instead of a newspaper

4. you tweet more than you talk

5. you own the Google Search results for your name


6. you can type eighty words a minute but talk thirty

7. you refer to yourself as your Twitter name. “Yeah, I’m @DanGordon!”

8. you update your status to tell people what you’re having for dinner

9. you use your iPhone to check your RSS feeds while on the toilet

10. you would rather search for funny YouTube videos than watch America’s Funniest Home Video reruns

11. you have an account on Digg,, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Youtube, Flickr, Sphinn, Mixx and


12. you actually know what all of the above sites are

13. you don’t use AOL Instant Messenger because it’s so ’90s

14. you declare it a good day when your blog read count sets a new high

15. when you login to Twitter, you have to scroll through the last 30 pages to find out what you missed

16.   after scanning through those 30 pages, you are upset that you missed responding live to a tweet from two hours ago

17. after reading an article or book, you can’t wait to write a blog post to share with your friends, because simply going to dinner and talking about it isn’t enough


18. you don’t drop business cards, you drop links to your LinkedIn profile

19. you love Flickr to post photography, but sometimes it’s not fast enough … so you Twitpic it

20. when you hear a joke, you say “LOL” instead of simply laughing


[important color=grey title=About the Joke-Teller] DANIEL GORDON is a fourth generation jeweler at his family’s 105 year-old store, Samuel Gordon Jewelers, in Oklahoma City, OK. Learn more about Daniel here:,,,,,,,,,,,,,[/important]








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