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Designer Suzy Levian Aligns New Pink Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry Collections with Breast Cancer Advocacy

A portion of the proceeds from each jewel sold will support breast cancer research this October.




Designer Suzy Levian Aligns New Pink Sapphire and Diamond Jewelry Collections with Breast Cancer Advocacy

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Born into a jewelry legacy, Suzy Levian was the youngest of five children, with an aptitude for illustrating intricate designs. Rendering sketches for the family business early on, she had her eye on entrepreneurship, envisioning a signature brand across multiple categories, with female empowerment as the cornerstone. A mother of six, Suzy Levian embraces the dualities of modern womanhood—from nurture and networking to beauty and efficiency, her collections balance wearable, useable, beautiful pieces, with embracing one’s inner power. This October, Suzy is partnering to support women diagnosed with breast cancer, through the Suzy Levian Breast Cancer Awareness Month Page on her website here. Those shopping the new jewels will have a portion of the proceeds from each sale donated back to three research foundations: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, offering an opportunity to give back while accessorizing, or to gift in solidarity.

The page features a selection of new pink and white jewels by Suzy Levian, with gemstones including: pink sapphire, diamond, morganite, cubic zirconia, pearl, and amethyst. Set in sterling silver, her Breast Cancer Awareness Collection is affordably priced, for woman to own and show camaraderie. As the most common cancer diagnosed in women, also occurring in men, breast cancer irreversibly changes lives. It is crucial to provide support for ongoing research and development.

Each Suzy Levian jewel features a signature hidden diamond within the band, symbolizing one’s inner strength. Meaningful for this collection, cancer warriors and advocates can wear a Suzy Levian Breast Cancer Awareness Collection jewel, recognizing the journey and inner strength to keep fighting, for oneself, and for loved ones.

“The process of going through hardship goes hand-in-hand with lifting others up,” says designer, Suzy Levian. “Breast Cancer is a battle no one should ever have to go through, and I wanted to create something that would help move us towards more solutions, while inspiring each other.”

To shop the Suzy Levian Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, visit here, call 516-918-9998 or email




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