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Diamond Sales Continue an Upward Trend and Buying for Stock has Never Been So Easy and Risk Free

Diamond jewelry sales for March, April and May have increased by 30%.




(PRESS RELEASE) Recent publications from a variety of sources indicate a continued, record breaking season for diamond sales. According to the Natural Diamond Council diamond jewelry sales for March, April and May have increased by 30% as compared to 2019 and almost three times 2020 numbers.

GN Diamond speaks to over 3500 independent retail jewelry stores of which many are reporting continued double digit growth. They are very excited for the upcoming holiday season and business forecasts. Many attribute their growth to factors including excellent clienteling and customer service, marketing, and buying for stock and having the right inventory.

Round brilliant and oval shaped diamonds continue to be a front runner with various fancy shapes also gaining in popularity. There is a comeback in emeralds, princess, radiants, pears and even marquise. At GN, inventory for oval shapes seem to go out just as fast as they come in, even with an inventory of over $70 million in loose diamonds. Retailers are encouraged to buy for stock and to utilize GN’s risk free guarantee which enables you to switch out loose diamonds for loose diamonds and finished jewelry for finished jewelry.

How Buying for Stock Boosts Revenue

1. While it is reported that 80% of all shoppers want to buy that same day, it is critical to have the right inventory at the right price points to satisfy walk-ins, impulse buyers, and valued new and existing customers.
2. Diamond studs, tennis bracelets and riviera necklaces are also very popular. While a customer may be shopping for engagement rings, these add-ons drive revenue and referrals.
3. Compete with on-line and big box stores with bread and butter inventory and light performance on all loose diamonds. Showcase the brilliancy and brightness of a diamond with GN’s light performance tool. Easily compare the often subtle differences between your diamonds and on-line. All of our diamonds come with light performance, a 360 degree view, Gemprint ID, and certifications

To contact GN Diamond today, simply call 800-724-8810 or email They are open 7 days a week with free shipping.




It Was Time to Make a Decision. It Was Time to Call Wilkerson.

Except for a few years when he worked as an accountant, Jim Schwartz has always been a jeweler. He grew up in the business and after “counting beans” for a few years, he and his wife, Robin, opened Robin James Jewelers in Cincinnati, Ohio. “We were coming to a stage in our life where we knew we have to make a decision,” says Jim Schwartz. He and Robin wanted to do it right, so they called Wilkerson. The best surprise (besides surpassing sales goals)? “The workers and associations really care about helping us move out own inventory out of the store first. It was very important to us.”

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