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Do You Or Don't You?

Do You Or Don’t You: Use Checklists?



Yes, I Do

I use checklists when buying so I know what I need and don’t need. — Gayle Chinn, Chinn Jewelry, Royal Oak, MI

We have daily checklists for opening and closing the store and have used them for 40 years. They go a long way in ensuring that each critical procedure is completed and signed off on by the responsible party. — Rex Solomon, Houston Jewelry, Houston, TX

I use checklists to keep myself on task and organized. I also expect my employees to do the same. We try and refine our checklists as we move forward and learn about our process. — Adam Langdon, Adam Michael Jewelry, Omaha, NE

They’re helpful, but I need to be more disciplined to look at them! — Steve Neel, Steve Neel Jewelers, Palestine, TX


Where don’t I use them? I cannot live without lists, from opening to closing and everything in between. — Elizabeth Breon, Coast Jewelers, Florence, OR

Opening every day, daily, weekly and monthly chores, maintenance jobs, advertising, inventory. etc. They are a great help to hold everyone accountable, especially the boss. — James Gattas, James Gattas Jewelers, Memphis, TN

Do Post-It notes everywhere count as checklists? It is very satisfying to tear one up each time I complete the reminder! — Loann Stokes, Stokes Jewelry, Stillwater, MN

We have a checklist white board for all of our custom jobs at different stages of completion. — Jennifer Farnes, Revolution Jewelry Works, Colorado Springs, CO

We use checklists when planning sales or putting on big events. After all, wouldn’t want to miss out on anything, right? — Teri Vogan, Vogan Gold & Silver Works, Colorado Springs, CO

I have to make to-do lists. That way, things are done. If I don’t, then as soon as I arrive at the store, things start happening and I forget the things I had to finish. — Shahraz Kassam, Shamin Jewellers, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


No, I Don’t

We have a strong routine that allows us to do our job efficiently without the use of checklists. — Theresa Namie, Stephen Vincent Design, Minneapolis, MN

Not enough employees to warrant doing one. Everyone is responsible for their part of the ship. — Elysia Demers, Barnhardt Jewelers, Spencer, NC

Most of what we need to do daily is self-evident. Would it help? Possibly. — Deric Metzger, DeMer Jewelry, Oceanside, CA

When I wake up each day my mental checklist is already fully functioning. — Hank Haan, Haan Jewelers, Byron Center, MI

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 edition of INSTORE.



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