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Do You Or Don't You?

Do You – Or Don’t You – Do You Monitor Customer Satisfaction?



Yes, I Do

We ask them to rate us on Yelp,
Google and Facebook. — Kim Thu
Nguyen, Unique Jewels, Webster, TX

We call repair customers after they
pick up the repair to see if they were
happy with the repair and service or
if there were any problems. — Terry
Ebersole, Mountz Jewelers, Camp
Hill, PA

We call customers after six months
to follow up on new purchases and
remind them to bring the item in for
cleaning and checking the condition
of prongs, etc. — Amy Beeghly, Beeghly
& Co. Jewelers, Greensburg, PA


Feedback at the time of sale and a call 20 to 30 days after to confirm
everything is still satisfactory. — Michael Goin, Designs Unlimited,
Rapid City, SD

We ask them after every transaction,
“How was your experience with
us today?” and “What can we do to
make your experience better next
time you shop with us?” We also send
out thank-you cards and tell them
to call us if they have any questions
or comments. — Lyla Ismael, Lyla
Jewelers, Oak Lawn, IL

We ask for online reviews, use and
in-store comment cards and referrals.
Every sales associate is required to get
feedback at the POS as well. — Adam
Langdon, Adam Michael Jewelry,
Omaha, NE

We call customers after every
repair is picked up. If they are not 100
percent happy, we invite them back
to get it taken care of. — Brian Rouse,
Bay Area Diamond Co., Green Bay, WI

We do customer surveys
and ask them for feedback
on everything from customer
service to jewelry
preferences. — Brenda
Hefner, Oz’s Jewelers,
Hickory, NC

I compose two different
letters, one for clients
and one for new customers. Both letters
ask for repeat business, and for
them to write their experience on one
of two different testimonial forms:
my Google+ page or my Yelp page.
Yusuf Sadiq, Y Sadiq Diamond,
Worthington, OH


We have an open forum for feedback
during our Ladies Night Out.
Customers often tell us what they like
and what they desire both in inventory
and our services. — Denise Oros,
Linnea Jewelers, La Grange, IL

We have a mailer that I give to my
customers, with examples of endorsements,
and comments both positive
and negative. I put a stamp on it in
front of them and ask them to give
me a response with or without their
names being used. The positive we
sometimes use in our advertising. If
the response is negative, we try to reconcile
any problem and it also helps to
fix a problem we may not have known
we had. — Murphy McMahon, Murphy
McMahon & Co., Kalispell, MT

No, I Don’t

I was running a monthly survey
and the results were so positive that
it was encouraging my staff to get lax
rather than to improve. — Alexander Rysman, Romm
Diamonds, Brockton, MA

We have not set up that
program yet. One of many
to-dos. — Wendy Smith,
Jimmy Smith Jewelers,
Decatur, AL

We don’t do anything
formal, but we do listen to our
customers and keep our ear to the
ground with regard to our reputation.
Jennifer Hornik Johnson, Miller’s
Jewelry, Bozeman, MT


We make sure our customers are
satisfied before they even walk out the
door. — Carol Drake, Touch of Silver
Gold & Old, Nashville, IN

I get enough repeat customers telling
me how much they love my stuff,
and new customers coming in because
someone told them about me, that I
get a sense I’m doing pretty well with
customer satisfaction. — Janne Etz,
Contemporary Concepts, Cocoa, FL

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 edition of INSTORE.


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