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Do You Or Don't You?

Do You Or Don’t You … Use Spiffs during the Holidays?



[componentheading]Yes, I Do[/componentheading]

For 30 days after Christmas, we spiff any return that is reversed and an upsale is made. — Tom Duma; Thom Duma Fine Jewelry, Warren, OH

We have a grab bag of gift certificates and daily contests (sold the most fast-sellers, sold the most Hearts On Fire, upgraded a repair to a plat head, etc.). — Ray Lantz; The Diamond Center, Claremont, CA

We spiff merchandise over two years old. They get the percentage that it is days old. If it’s 359 days old, they get 35.9 percent of the sale. — Rachel Hardester; Lee Ann’s Fine Jewelry, Russellville, AR

We allow our employees to participate in all spiffs offered by vendors, which is anything from extra cash to free jewelry. We also play our own games to keep the energy going in the store. — Tonia Ulsh; Mountz Jewelers, Camp Hill, PA

Offer a 10 percent spiff on a piece you want to move, and, believe me, they will be showing those items all day! — Lisa Maloney; Canadian Jewelry Exchange, Kelowna, BC


We have a pretty covered box with a hole. We put in gift cards, $1s, $5s and $10s; they get to take a pick for each $1,000 sold on the previous day. — Beth Guntzviller; Miner’s North Jewelers, Traverse City, MI

We have weekly contests and a large one that goes November to December ($400 bonus). Winners get a free family dinner, movie and a paid day off for the weekly contest. — Mark Cunha; Gemfinery Co., Malden, MA

Graduated dollar amount on older merchandise. Usually $3 up to $25 per item. Paid as the items are sold on a daily basis. — Ray DuBose; R.S. Mann, Jr., Jeweler, Newnan, GA

[componentheading]No, I Don’t[/componentheading]

We don’t usually need motivation during the holidays. We have daily friendly competitions and sometimes pick an old “dog” that we push all day. Bragging rights have been a sufficient spiff for us. — Casey Gallant; Stephen Gallant Jewelers, Orleans, MA

We have our staff on commission and pick up lunch at least twice a week.  — Lonnie Marcus; Castle Rock Jewelers, Castle Rock, CO


Our sales staff is on straight commission, so they are pretty motivated already. — Dorothy Vodicka; The Gem Collection, Tallahassee, FL

My people know if we have a good year they will be rewarded. — Thomas Rice; The Jonathan Rice Collection, New Hope, PA

I prefer they get the same all year. I want the same level of performance all 12 months. — Tory Michel; Tory’s Jewelry, Marblehead, MA

[span class=note]This story is from the December 2010 edition of INSTORE[/span]



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