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David Squires

Editor’s Note: This Month, Try Something Different



[dropcap cap=Y]ear is going fast. Halfway done now. Time to take a breather and reassess. These are two distinct acts. Taking a breather without reassessing is a waste of an opportunity. And reassessing without taking a breather is usually a waste of time.[/dropcap]

Unless your store is located in a booming summer market, we strongly suggest that you take a week off this month. Take off. Go away. Shoo, fly. Close the store if you have to. (And let your staff run it if at all possible.) Just be sure you get away with your family and remember what you’re working for. (See where and why other jewelers are going this summer on page 74.)

You’ll come back feeling 100 percent better. Guaranteed.

That’s good. But all you’ve done so far is take a breather. You still need to reassess and regroup. To do this, what you need now is an extra three days away from the store. Alone.

Got an uncle with a mountain cabin? Call him and get permission for a solo weekend. Bring a stack of INSTOREs and a few business books. (Really, they don’t even have to be business books. Self-help and advice books can also bring positive energy that spills over into your business.)

Climb mountains in the morning. Walk around the lake at dusk. Sit on the porch and read. Think big thoughts. Form yearlong plans, and lifelong plans. Get ready to try things that get you excited.


Rest and recovery. Everybody knows the importance of working hard. But few realize the importance of rest and recovery — and building both into our daily and yearly schedules. Try it this month.

Wishing you the very best in business!

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[span class=note]This story is from the July 2010 edition of INSTORE[/span]



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