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Winners to be announced in August.



ATTENTION, AMERICA’S COOLEST Stores fans! We’re offering a sneak preview of highlights that stood out to INSTORE’s editors among this year’s entries. Although results of the 2021 contest won’t be released until late August at, these pages represent a sample of entries that captured our attention in four different categories: interior design, store exterior, marketing, and online presence. A panel of industry experts selects the final winners by grading entries in each of those categories, as well as assessing the store’s individuality and the written application that pulls it all together. It’s a demanding, time-consuming process that our judges take very seriously. The past year was different for many reasons, but the level of competition in this contest remained as consistently tough as ever. Thank you for entering. Winners will be featured in INSTORE’s September print issue this year.




1. REVOLUTION JEWELRY WORKS, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. “The goal of our marketing is to convey that jewelry can be fun, personal and very approachable,” says owner Jennifer Farnes. In 2020, Farnes began texting clients with discounts and contests while also making it easier to schedule appointments for free cleanings and inspections. The personal touch extends to video. “We love to put real clients in our commercials featuring their custom designs and stories, then air our commercials in movie theaters and on TV, even during the Super Bowl in our region the past two years.”
2. Zorells Jewelry, Bismarck, ND
3. Carter’s Jewelry of Petal, Petal, MS
4. London Jewelers, Manhasset, NY
5. Craig Husar, Brookfield, WI



1. B.C. CLARK JEWELERS, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. Opened in 2020 and owned by the Clark family, B.C. Clark at Classen Curve occupies an open-concept space flooded with natural light and awash in creativity. The focal point is a 16-foot stunner of a custom chandelier that spills gracefully into the space between two floors. The bridal boutique is accented with a curtain of decorative chains and outfitted with a bar designed for wedding band shoppers. On the second floor, another spacious showroom is home to the lifestyle department featuring gifts, decor, accessories and a bridal registry. Other standout features that add to functionality include the Life:Style lounge, a handprinted KidSpace and a patio lounge for employees.
2. Hale’s Jewelers, Greenville, SC
3. Charles Krypell Fine Jewelry, Greenvale, NY
4. Zorells Jewelry, Bismarck, ND
5. London Jewelers, Manhasset, NY




1. HALE’S JEWELERS, GREENVILLE, SC. The exterior of the 9,500 square foot store, owned by Lucian Lee, was designed to look like a jewelry box with huge windows that let in plenty of natural light. Its March 2021 debut was accompanied by a new marketing campaign titled, “Come One, Come All, Come as You Are!” to let customers know they don’t need to be intimidated (or rich) to cross the threshold of this larger than life jewel box. “Our goal is to increase awareness that if you have $50 to spend, or $50,000, we’re going to treat you the exact same, every time,” they say.
2. Julz by Alan Rodriguez, Canton, OH
3. London Jewelers, Manhasset, NY
4. B.C. Clark, Oklahoma City, OK
5. Craig Husar, Brookfield, WI


Online Presence

1. CARTER’S JEWELRY OF PETAL, PETAL, MS. Chae Carter, owner, and Payton Riley, social media and digital director, collaborate on social media, not only to showcase product, but also to keep customers involved in what’s happening behind the scenes. They have collected 700 five-star Google reviews by using Podium to connect Google reviews to the Edge POS system. And since updating the website with the help of Punchmark, Carter describes store traffic as insane. Half a million dollars in sales can be attributed to omni-channel marketing with their website in 2020.
2. London Jewelers, Manhasset, NY
3. Joseph Jewelry, Seattle
4. Zorells, Bismarck, ND
5. Springer’s Jewelers, Portland, ME




1. ANNA ZUCKERMAN LUXURY, BOCA RATON, FL. Anna Zuckerman’s contemporary salon-style store occupies only 900 square feet, but it has made an oversize impact in its Florida location this year for its eye-catching interior design and its focus on affordable luxury. Built by Albanese Development and designed by be Design Architects, the store features acrylic turquoise and malachite marble panels that reflect some of the colors used in the jewelry. The store offers affordable, high-grade cubic zirconia versions of everything from tiaras to tennis bracelets displayed in custom-designed, custom-made showcases illuminated by show-stopping chandeliers.
2. Barry Peterson Jewelers, Ketchum, ID
3. Amanda Deer Jewelry, Austin
4. Atelier d’Emotion, New York
5. Ellie Thompson & Co., Chicago



1. ATELIER D’ EMOTION, NEW YORK CITY. Atelier D’Emotion is located in the heart of Soho in a historical, landmarked building with distinctive original details, a charming streetscape and inviting window displays. There is also a friendly apparition occupying the space, according to owner Alice Sundbom, who says the ghost does not like certain kinds of music they play but adores the Pink Martini channel on Pandora.
2. Ellie Thompson & Co., Chicago
3. Anna Zuckerman Luxury, Boca Raton, FL
4. Amanda Deer Jewelry, Austin
5. Suka Jewelry, Glen Rock, NJ




1. AMANDA DEER JEWELRY, AUSTIN, TX. Amanda Deer’s dynamic website offers a mobile experience for customers, many of whom are self-purchasing women between 25 and 35. Integrated Instagram posts and product reviews show jewelry on real customers for an authentic and transparent experience. “We believe consistency is key when it comes to marketing,” says owner Amanda Eddy. “We work hard to create a unique visual presence that exudes our brand’s style across all our customer touch points, whether that’s through social media, our website or visiting us in our store. In fact, many in-store customers comment that our store looks just like our Instagram grid!”
2. Vardy’s Jewelers, Cupertino, CA
3. Raintree, Burlington, VT
4. Erickson Jewelers, Iron Mountain, MI
5. Barry Peterson, Ketchum, ID

RAINTREE online presence

Online Presence

1. RAINTREE, BURLINGTON, VT. Raintree has collected tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook, while its e-commerce website serves clients nationwide. Owners Shannon Mahoney and Michael Tope post a new piece of jewelry every week to social media accounts to keep content consistent and fresh. Marketing is primarily through social media, and since they do their own photography, the Raintree team can post a new design within moments of completing it and sell it within hours. Online clients also are known to pop in for a visit when vacationing in Vermont.
2. Amanda Deer Jewelry, Austin
3. Lindy’s Jewelry, Fernandina Beach, FL
4. Ellie Thompson & Co., Chicago
5. Katie Diamond, Ridgewood, NJ

Eileen McClelland is the Managing Editor of INSTORE. She believes that every jewelry store has the power of cool within them.



Thinking of Liquidating? Wilkerson’s Got You Covered

Bil Holehan, the manager of Julianna’s Fine Jewelry in Corte Madera, Calif., decided to go on to the next chapter of his life when the store’s owner and namesake told him she was set to retire. Before they left, Holehan says they decided to liquidate some of the store’s aging inventory. They chose Wilkerson for the sale. Why? “Friends had done their sales with Wilkerson and they were very satisfied,” says Holehan. He’d enthusiastically recommend Wilkerson to anyone looking to stage a liquidation or going-out-of-business sale. “There were no surprises,” he says. “They were very professional in their assessment of our store, what we could expect from the sale and they were very detailed in their projections. They were pretty much on the money.”

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