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Embrace Ecommerce with Exceptional Online Inventory

Showcase $70M of certified diamonds on your own website.




(PRESS RELEASE) Online sales represent over 15 percent of all retail jewelry sales each year — and that figure is climbing. An increasing number of shoppers may never make it to your store if they don’t first encounter you online. And unfortunately, they’re easily lured by “discount” internet prices because they don’t understand the nuances of diamond quality.

To compete and thrive in the digital age, you must not only reach customers online, but also educate them on the value and benefits of buying from you. Independent jewelers now have a simple and powerful way to do just that — while gaining a massive whitelabeled loose diamond inventory with their own branding and markups.

Diamond Hunt, GN Diamond’s ecommerce portal, enables you to compete with the mega retailers, without losing the experience and personal touch you bring to each sale.

Captivate Customers Online and Off

Independent jewelers across the country have already begun using Diamond Hunt to captivate customers without resorting to pushy sales tactics. They are also leveraging our inventory of over 5000 exceptional, certified diamonds — worth roughly $70 million at wholesale cost — on their own website with their store’s logo.

Diamond Hunt gives independent jewelers several powerful online and in-store advantages over internet retailers:

  • Instantly gain a digital sales tool that mimics and surpasses what shoppers see
    elsewhere online
  • Display super high-res 360-degree views of each diamond and its natural
  • Showcase each diamond’s Sarine light performance score — an objective, third-
    party clarity grade, which can be used to explain why one SI2 is better than
  • Enhance in-store experience with a sales presentation iPad app for web-savvy
  • GIA, AGS, and EGL-USA certification for all diamonds

To secure your advantage over major retailers and guarantee your inventory won’t be found on their sites, GN Diamond never sells to the public or online-only businesses. Our diamond sales experts are truly committed to giving independent jewelers an edge, and Diamond Hunt is our most effective tool yet.


An Ecommerce Tool Built For You

Ecommerce is here to stay, so take advantage of the growing opportunity with the only diamond sales platform that not only helps you compete online, but also brings added value to the in-store experience.

Contact GN Diamond if you’re ready to gain a whitelabeled inventory of over $70 million in loose diamonds certified by GIA, AGS, and EGL USA, all with the Gemprint ID. Learn more at or speak to a GN representative at [email protected] or 800-724-8810.



Wilkerson Testimonials | Zadok Master Jewelers

Stick to the Program — And Watch Your Sales Grow

When Zadok Master Jewelers in Houston, Texas, decided to move to a new location (they’d been in the same one for the 45 years they’d been in business), they called Wilkerson to run a moving sale. The results, says seventh-generation jeweler Jonathan Zadok, were “off the charts” in terms of traffic and sales. Why? They took Wilkerson’s advice and stuck to the company’s marketing program, which included sign twirlers — something Jonathan Zadok had never used before. He says a number of very wealthy customers came in because of them. “They said, ‘I loved your sign twirlers and here’s my credit card for $20,000.’ There’s no way we could have done that on our own,” says Zadok. “Without Wilkerson, the sale never, ever would have come close to what it did.”

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