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David Squires

Embrace Weakness



It’s your shortcomings that make you real.



There comes a time in life when it makes more sense to embrace your weaknesses than to hide or correct them. (I’m thinking it happens about the time you turn 40.) You are a certain type of person. And your store is a certain type of store. Ask yourself now — does your store let you be you? If not, it might be time to make some changes — perhaps to your store, or perhaps just to your role within it.  
You might be a person who loves to tell stupid jokes. Certainly a weakness. Instead, turn it into a strength by making a series of commercials where you tell awful knock-knock jokes. Then tell an even dumber one to each person who enters your store. (Before turning them over to a more typical salesperson.) 
You might be a person who tends to be way too technical when explaining gemstones to customers. Weakness, right? Instead, make it a strength by promoting yourself as your town’s “ultimate gemstone nerd” and building a by-appointment business for customers who want to know everything about the purchase they are considering. 
You might be a person who loves hideous fashion jewelry from the ’70s. Most people not named Florence Henderson would consider that a weakness. Flip it by creating a little museum of the era in a corner of your store — fill it with Partridge Family lunchboxes, print dresses in Day-Glo colors, corduroy bell-bottoms, and your jewelry collection. 
It’s all about authenticity. Embrace your weaknesses. For it is your weaknesses that make you real.  
Wishing you the very best business … 
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