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Emma Roberts Sparkles in Layered Antique Diamonds

She wore two beautiful necklaces and a cuff bracelet from T+C Goutal.





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A post shared by T+C Goutal (@tcgoutal)

The sighting: Actress Emma Roberts attended the recent Baby2Baby charity gala in a black Alexandre Vauthier Couture gown and a glittering stack of gorgeous necklaces.

The jewels: Emma Roberts is wearing two beautiful necklaces and a cuff bracelet from T+C Goutal: a crescent moon necklace with a pendant that started life as a Victorian brooch, a necklace with an East-West set Victorian diamond crescent brooch (with approx. 10 carats of diamonds!), and an antique rose gold cuff with a Victorian diamond star brooch embellishment.

T+C Goutal specializes in sourcing brooches from the Victorian era and giving the pieces new life by resetting them into wearable necklaces using chains sourced from the same time period.

Tags on Instagram suggest that Roberts is also wearing EF Collection earrings, but they aren’t visible in any of the photos I’ve seen.

The trends: There’s a growing population of younger consumers who appreciate antique jewelry, especially when it has been repurposed by clever designers to be easily wearable with a modern wardrobe. This necklace moment is a perfect example of why this trend keeps gaining traction. It’s gorgeous and interesting, but not at all hard to achieve if you have the right jewelry source.

Celestial jewelry is another trend on display in this moment. A little bit magical, a little bit astrological, a little bit romantic, the celestial trend is one that appeals to a truly wide range of jewelry lovers.

What do we think? If you follow me anywhere on social media, you’ll already know that this look is extremely my cup of tea. I adore the unique sparkle of antique diamonds and I think that the pairing of these two necklaces together is both stylish and romantic, with a slight witchy undertone that is picked up by her eye makeup and black gown. I would wear this entire outfit.

If this were the Oscars or Emma Roberts was hosting this event, I would find the overall look a little too understated. But she’s attending this gala as a guest and she looks incredible.

Judgement: 15/10!! She looks like a glamorous witch and I want to join her coven.


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A post shared by T+C Goutal (@tcgoutal)

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