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Enhance Customer Experience to Gain Loyal, Repeat Clients

Create a compelling buyer’s journey with GN Diamond sales and marketing tools.




(PRESS RELEASE) Increasing referrals and cultivating strong and valuable loyalty from clients is an evergreen strategy for a thriving business. To nurture customer loyalty, it’s more important than ever for independent jewelers to create an easy and delightful customer experience. So what are you doing to ensure that every touchpoint, from navigating your website to in-store greetings, meets customers’ needs and propels them forward on their journey?

From the first time a customer discovers your brand in search results or on social media, to your annual service calls and beyond, every interaction must provide value and quality of service they can’t get from big-box retailers. Here’s how to leverage GN Diamond’s free sales and marketing platform to set yourself apart from the competition with excellent customer experience.

Educate and Inspire at Every Customer Touchpoint

Baby boomers and millennials alike desire a unique, high-quality experience when buying diamonds. To cut through all the noise online, tell a story that gets to the heart of why people are shopping for diamonds in the first place: To delight their loved ones, create lasting memories, and leave a legacy.

To help you tell a compelling story while educating shoppers on the 4 C’s, GN Diamond created Diamond Hunt, a white-label loose diamond search portal that seamlessly integrates with your website to showcase your entire inventory with your own branding and markups. Diamond Hunt lets shoppers see each diamond’s singular characteristics in dazzling detail.

  • Show off light performance. Easily explain the cost of individual stones by showcasing their brilliancy and brightness. Diamond Hunt provides third-party grading to compare the often subtle differences between diamonds.
  • Access V360 videos. Diamond Hunt replaces the frustrating loupe and tweezers approach with a 360 degree view of each loose diamond, displaying its natural features with utmost clarity.
  • Give added value with Gemprint. Diamond Hunt includes access to a sophisticated identification technology, Gemprint, which records the unique “fingerprint” of each diamond. Gemprint is recognized by most insurance companies, some of whom offer 10% off of annual insurance premiums once registered.

Boost Customer Loyalty with GN Diamond


The GN Diamond platform gives retailers everything they need to create an exceptional online and in-store customer experience that outshines the typical online diamond retailer’s web store. Alongside Diamond Hunt, the platform offers sales and marketing resources and continuing education and training for our partners and their staff.

To learn how to take advantage of GN Diamond’s comprehensive sales tools and multiply customers’ purchases, visit or contact us today. Our sales representatives are available 7 days a week at



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