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Envision Your Ideal Dinner Party When Planning Your Store Mood and Displays




LAFAYETTE, LA — If you were throwing a dinner party, what kind of dinner party would it be?

Who would you invite?

What would you serve?

What would your centerpiece look like?

What kind of mood would you like to create?

Fun, light and summery? Or rich and romantic?INSTORE Eileen Stuller


The Stuller team recently spoke on “Visual Merchandising and Your Brand Experience.”

Jennifer Tausch, Stuller’s executive director for brand and creative, and Emily Graffagnino, Stuller’s director of packaging and display, recommend trying this conceptual exercise to begin to envision your brand as well as the look of your store.

The Stuller team spoke on “Visual Merchandising and Your Brand Experience” during a Bench Jeweler Workshop at Stuller March 23-25.

Pull photos from Pinterest and assemble a photo board of your own, showing what your ideal dinner party would look like. Then translate the look and feel of it to what you’d like your store to be like. Will there be fresh flowers? Music? What kind of scent best represents your brand?Is there a theme?

If you’re looking to attract a subset of environmentally conscious millennials, try an eco-chic safari theme, for example. Bring in something green, such as bamboo or succulents, add rustic wood, use some open cases. Make it natural, open, inviting and fresh.

If your main audience is baby boomers with disposable income, you might consider something more classic. For a Renaissance, red-carpet theme, use cherry wood, red roses, and shades of wine with gold accents. Emphasize integrity and quality.


If you want to appeal to Gen X self-purchasing women, emphasize modern aesthetics, and perhaps a black and white motif with pops of color. Think about white roses and marble risers and non-traditional ways to display necklaces. Having a black and white theme makes it easy to bring in a gold accent for the holidays or to add a little sparkle for New Year’s.

In other words, figure out how you fit into the marketplace before changing your display strategy.

Branding and display are closely linked.

“Ask yourself, why are customers choosing you versus others?” suggests Tausch. “And who is your customer?

“Your brand is the sum of emotions and thoughts your audience has about your company.”




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