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Esaltare Designs Launches Jewelry Brand for Successful Women Who Want to Celebrate Career Accomplishments and Uplift Others

Esaltare Designs launches the Career Celebrations jewelry collection, including the Corporate Collection and the Entrepreneurial Collection.




(PRESS RELEASE) ATLANTA, GA — Esaltare Designs (ĭ-zhul-tär-āy) launches a jewelry brand for successful women who want to celebrate their career accomplishments and uplift others. The Esaltare Designs Career Celebrations jewelry collection includes the Corporate Collection and the Entrepreneurial Collection. Each collection features signature necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets designed to commemorate major career milestones and accomplishments. Esaltare Designs also provides free business resources to help professionals succeed in their careers. A portion of every purchase goes to support non-profit organizations that uplift others through education and community involvement.

“Esaltare Designs is about more than jewelry. We see it as a resource to help people succeed, including those who are just starting their journey to success,” said Stephanie Richards, founder and director of Esaltare Designs. “We not only want to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have succeeded, but we also want to uplift as many people as possible to help them on their path to success.”

The Esaltare Designs website offers free business and career resources to help women succeed and reach new career goals. The website features a proprietary Speaker Opportunity Database that allows professionals to search for speaking opportunities. Other resources include downloadable business encouragement cards to share on social media, links to free career resources, a list of resources for business owners, and downloadable guides with tips on what to wear to look your best on camera.

Esaltare means “to, extol, exalt or celebrate” in Italian, but it can be translated as “uplift” in English.

Esaltare Designs donates a portion of every purchase to support non-profit organizations that uplift others through education and community involvement, including scholarships for under-resourced children, support for widows with children, and entrepreneurial education in East African colored gemstone mining communities.

Signature pieces in the collection celebrate both corporate career milestones and entrepreneurial milestones. The Corporate Collection begins with a necklace called The Graduate, followed by The Intern, The Interview, First Job, The Promotion, The Bonus, First Million in Sales, The CEO and The Capstone.


The Entrepreneurial Collection starts with The Idea, and includes The Leap, First Year in Business, Five Years in Business, First Million in Revenue, The New Client, Acquired, and The Serial Entrepreneur. Additional pieces include Don’t Give Up, The Hard Working Mother, The Hard Fought Degree, They Said I Couldn’t Do It, and For Those Who Helped Me Along the Way.

Esaltare Designs is in partnership with David Douglas Diamonds, a family owned jeweler located in Marietta, Georgia. David Douglas Diamonds is responsible for curating and manufacturing the Esaltare Designs collection.

“We are so excited about the launch of Esaltare Designs. I am a third generation jeweler, and I have not seen anything like this brand on the market,” said Doug Meadows, founder of David Douglas Diamonds. “I believe the potential is there for this company to uplift a lot of people. Whatever success we have, we want to share with others.”

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