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Facets of Fire Diamonds Announces Its New Video Series

The series are featuring industry leaders all over the country and their stories.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Facets of Fire Diamonds are not only reaching new heights but also reaching jewelry stores across the nation. Retailers cannot resist getting their hands on the most significant innovation in diamond cutting in 100 years.

The new Facets of Fire video series, “Love is Better in Color: Stories from Facets of Fire Retailers,” showcases testimonials from all over the country about the diamond’s irresistible fire. It highlights industry leaders who carry the brand and their customers’ stories. Facets of Fire believes it is important to listen to their retailers’ voices and explore what makes Facets of Fire Diamonds successful in their stores.

The first video features Cathy Calhoun, the owner of Calhoun Jewelers and past president of AGS. In her testimonial, this Shipley Award Winner says, “When my customers come into my store, and they see Facets of Fire for the first time, they always react the same. Wow… I’ve never seen anything like it. How can a diamond do this?!” That’s because seeing is truly believing. With Facets of Fire diamonds, you don’t need to use any special viewing device to observe the radiant burst of color. Calhoun’s customers have even been stopped by strangers who ask where this beautiful burst of color comes from.

Glenn Markman, Facets of Fire president and CEO, said, “Cathy has been a leader in the jewelry industry for years, and we’re incredibly honored that she has so many good things to say about Facets of Fire.” Markman looks forward to interviewing other industry leaders throughout the year.

You can watch Cathy’s testimonial and keep up with the series by visiting Facets of Fire’s website here and YouTube channel.




Wilkerson Testimonials | MSG Jewelers

Wilkerson Takes the Worry Out of Closing

MSG Jewelers has always treated its customers like family. When owner Mike George decided to retire and close the doors of his St. Louis, Missouri jewelry store, he selected a company to manage his going-out-of-business sale that treats its customers like family, too. That’s why he chose Wilkerson. “Wilkerson was able to do all the things that we needed,” says George. In the end, the bittersweet store closing was so much easier with Wilkerson at the helm. From marketing to pricing to inventory, Wilkerson does it all. “It’s a package deal,” says George.

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