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blond with earrings

Fall Essentials: Trends, Staples and Timeless Style

No matter how much of a jewelry enthusiast you are, it’s always challenging when temperatures begins to drop and we reach for our turtlenecks, cozy sweaters and cashmere scarves and try to figure out what jewelry we are going to buy and wear. Our advice is to think of your wardrobe at any time of the year as a backdrop for your jewels. This might be easier to do when temperatures rise, and you are wearing lightweight T-shirts, tanks and summer dresses. However, there are many jewels that can become your fall/winter essentials as well.

If you are dressed in fashionable clothing layers yet you still love to stack, wear one long fabulous necklace instead of those that graduate. Think instead about layering your wrists in bold cuffs and bracelets that you can wear over your sleeves or peeking out from under them. You can also get creative with multiple smaller earrings for what we call an earring “stack.” If you like one long pair of earrings, find a pair that are just long enough so they won’t get caught while putting on a hat and scarf. Flat knits such as cashmeres and merino wool can definitely be worn with a bolder yet singular locket on a longer chain, while a lariat or bolo necklace creates a sophisticated high-style look with a V-neck cardigan or pullover sweater. These are streamlined ways of styling your neck that still make a strong statement. Wider or signet-style rings that you can feel when you take off your gloves are the types of looks that will become your staples during the months when you fingers tend to shrink.

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