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Fan Club: Marian Maurer



Fan Club: Marian Maurer

John Apelian describes Marian Maurer’s attention to design and form that gives her jewelry “soulfulness and presence.”


Published in the March-April2012 issue

As the daughter of two architects, Marian Maurer has always placed a premium on design and form. From an early age, she admired clean lines and sensible, practical design. Maurer graduated from Brown University with a degree in fine arts, then completed the jewelry program at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She then worked for a leading American fine jeweler for four years, an experience that further instilled an appreciation of excellent workmanship married to design.

Maurer relies on these influences to create a personal vision of timeless style.

Maurer and her staff handcraft each piece in her studio in Brooklyn, NY. This production process ensures impeccable quality and an intimate connection to each piece that comes out of her studio. She uses recycled gold in all of her work and takes care to source precious stones thoughtfully, including conflict-free diamonds.


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  • “I love how Marian has created pieces that women can literally wear every day. Many designers say they are doing that, but she has truly achieved it. They are also pieces that women can layer and add their own special touch. They have meaning, but they also have Marian’s signature clean lines and handcrafted feeling.
  • “Of course I have seen other peace signs, hearts, zodiac symbols and initials, but I think that there is a soulfulness and a real character in Marian’s approach to these iconic motifs.”
  • “There are some designers whose pieces are made for show, but when you take a closer look, you can see that the craftsmanship or the details are not what they should be. It’s wonderful how even the smallest of Marian’s pieces have a real presence and stand out in quality the closer you get to them.”
  • “Her finish has a deep glow in her gold pieces — not matte and not shiny — which very much highlights the details in the designs. I was impressed by the beadwork in her wedding bands and the fact that she makes everything in her own factory. She also uses colored stones in all right places, which gives an added dimension to her jewelry.”
  • “Marian has her own vocabulary. She is not trying to be someone else, and this gives her staying power!”

ABOUT JOHN APELIAN: Born in Turkey, John Apelian started his jewelry career working with a small jewelry company in Istanbul. As the designer of his own company, John Apel Jewelry, for over 20 years, Apelian has always appreciated the connection between art and nature, giving life to everything from floral motifs to dragonflies in his award-winning platinum and 18K gold pieces. He draws his inspiration from influences that range from beautiful manicured gardens to more exotic woodsy motifs.





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