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Fan Club: Naomi Blumenthal



Fan Club: Naomi Blumenthal

“Naomi Has a deep appreciateion for nature, which come through in the way she interprets her floral elements .”



Published in the March-April 2013 issue

Naomi Blumenthal’s educational background is in sculpture and garden design. In 2002, after the birth of her son, Blumenthal opened a garden design consultancy and started making jewelry for herself as a hobby. Her clients asked if they could buy her pieces, wearing them to charity balls and some to red carpet events. In 2008, with the help of her husband, Ron, she launched the Naomi Blumenthal collection, and it has since blossomed to include all her passions — the natural world combined with the art of sculpture into a alluring, feminine and completely wearable collection.


“I FIRST SAW Naomi Blumenthal’s jewelry briefly at the Summer JA show. Her feeling for organic textures and motifs that were all hand carved completely intrigued me. She has a true eye for detail but understands completely how to translate this into wearable jewelry.”


“The jewelry is, at the same time, sculptural and feminine. You can tell the workmanship that goes into each style and how well thought out every single piece in the collection is.” “I especially like the flow of her designs. My sensibility has always been not to overdesign, so I am always attracted to simple yet strong shapes and visions.”

“A good design also lies in the correct use of space for proportion and scale, and Naomi seems to execute that with a simple elegance.”

“It is clear that Naomi has a deep appreciation for nature, which comes through in the way she interprets her floral and sea life elements. She explained that she does farming and that connection is vivid in her work.” “As her work evolves, it will be exciting to see how her new pieces layer and complement her stunning original collection.”

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ROBIN ROTENIER: A third-generation designer, and the first in jewelry, Paris-born Robin Rotenier founded his namesake line in 1993. Rotenier attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Gemological Institute of America. In 2006, FIT awarded him the Mortimer C. Ritter Award, one of the highest honors given out by the alumni association. Rotenier carves all his models, and each piece is finished by hand and produced in New York City. His passion for design and attention to detail give each piece a distinctive character. Objects and architectural details are at the core of each new design, and his creations range from tongue-in-cheek and fun to ultra sophisticated and elegant. His attention to his retailers’ needs is unparalleled and a testament to his business acumen.


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