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Fan Club: Philip Andre, Selected by Kirk Kara




[dropcap cap=P]ersonally overseeing the artisans in his own design studio and production facility, Philip Andre ensures that each piece of jewelry meets his exacting standards in the attention he gives to his Royal Weave finishing and selection of stones. It is this commitment to excellence that has propelled Andre into the American fine jewelry arena. In the industry for 30 years, Andre began his career in Amsterdam as a diamond setter/jeweler. During his travels to Germany, he formed bonds with master jewelry casters and learned new techniques in fine metal casting. In 1985, he started a company, servicing and creating collections for major manufacturers. Since launching his own wholesale collection, he has traveled the world in search of top quality material and innovative sources. His background provides him with a rich knowledge of the details and elements it takes to create designs that will not only attract but be collected by women throughout the United States. “Following the success of our 18K gold lines, and requests by retailers, I have now expanded my collections to include a gemstone and diamond sterling silver line,” Andre says. — STORY BY BETH BERNSTEIN [/dropcap]


“I was first captivated by Philip’s designs three years ago at an IJO show in Florida. I was immediately drawn to his inspirations that encompass ancient Roman art, a lacework pattern and his use of intensely colored gemstones.”

“A number of design elements make his pieces unique to him, such as his woven finishes and his love for nature as depicted in the floral patterns in the openwork designs. He also has an incredible eye for detail, particularly in his pavé and bezel settings. He knows and maintains a standard of old-world craftsmanship and tradition in his work while also developing and mastering the latest techniques.”


“The precision with which he designs adds value to the collection, and the fact that the pieces are individually crafted in his own design studio, I believe, strikes a cord with the contemporary woman. In the past, women received gifts from fathers, boyfriends and husbands. These days, they either choose their own gifts or purchase themselves. Philip is completely tapped into to this market.”

“Since we met, we have seen each other at various shows and he talks with passion about his endless love for jewelry and how he wanted to be a jeweler since the age of 11. He traveled from Amsterdam to Germany and finally landed in the United States, where he’s been dedicated to learning all of the components and evolving his art.

“It’s always a pleasure to spend time with the man behind the designs. He’s very down to earth and positive, and we find a range of topics to talk about. I think that his star is on the rise and if he keeps up the way he is going, he will be a talent in the U.S. market that will make a definitive mark.”

[componentheading]Designs from Philip Andre [/componentheading]

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[componentheading]ABOUT KIRK KARA [/componentheading]


Growing up with two generations of jewelers, dating back to his grandfather in 1890, Kirk Kara began his apprenticeship at the age of 25 under the guidance of his master jeweler father. Kara developed an eye for selecting quality diamonds and gemstones, and mastering every step of the crafting process. Today, he is president of family-owned Kirk Kara and remains committed to the excellence and expertise of his legacy. [/smalltext]

[span class=note]This story is from the January-February 2010 edition of INDESIGN[/span]






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