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Fan Club: Ray Griffiths Selected By Lenny Krol



Lenny Krol admires the personal charm and museum-quality jewelry of Ray Griffiths.

[dropcap cap=A]ustralian-born Ray Griffiths has been creating original, museum-quality jewelry for more than 30 years. He is known for his exquisite metalwork which is accented further by brilliantly cut gemstones, his profound technical knowhow and harmonious designs. His signature “crownwork” settings reflect his early training under a master craftsman fabricating the intricate substructure of tiaras and crowns. He brought this technique to the United States fine jewelry market, creating a niche for original, heirloom quality jewelry that is refined and evocative of old-world charm while still sleek and modern in silhouette and sensibility. — STORY BY BETH BERNSTEIN [/dropcap]

“I first crossed paths with Ray when we were both being represented by Fragments in New York City. Katie, whom I was dating and who later became my wife, was the director of public relations at the time and had close relations with both companies (perhaps a bit closer with mine). One day, Ray and Katie and I had left the showroom at the same time and were separately trying to hail a cab. We waited and finally found one, which we decided to share, even though we were going to separate parts of town. Ray and I started to chat and by the time Ray got off at his stop, we were buddies.”

“Ray’s personality is very much reflected in his collection. He has this great Aussie charm, warmth and friendly personality. He’s a consummate salesman because he believes in what he is doing and is a great storyteller. He can truly engage the retailer with his tales of travels through the outback and to far away places most buyers don’t get to see. This all becomes interwoven in his brand and offers retailers their own story to tell about Ray when selling his pieces.”


“An extremely important aspect that I admire is Ray was trained as a restoration artist and worked with royal jewels. When he came to the States, he noticed there was a completely untapped market for heirloom-inspired, museum-quality jewelry. He found his niche and translated his training into impeccably detailed crownwork that is designed as bezels and settings for pieces with exquisitely cut stones.”

“I respect how Ray runs his business. He started small in Manhattan and built his business a piece at a time. He makes what he can afford and doesn’t overextend himself, which is very savvy and will keep him around for a long time to come. He has room for growth, he always keeps his collection original and, like the man himself, his pieces are truly authentic. Ray Griffiths is the real thing.”


[componentheading]Designs from Ray Griffiths[/componentheading]


[componentheading]LENNY KROL [/componentheading]


[smalltext]Friends and business partners Lenny Krol and Joe Carullo established KC Designs as a purveyor of fashionable, yet timeless, diamond jewelry. Built on a 45-year friendship, KC Designs claims a reputation of excellence, originality and affordability. “We want to redefine the image of diamond jewelry, making it more fun, approachable and accessible for women of all ages,” Krol says. Since the company’s inception, 25 years ago, KC Designs has achieved its goal and garnered the acclaim of celebrities and fashion authorities alike. Distinctive diamond pieces have been showcased in feature films and major television network shows. Their designs have adorned such noteworthy celebrities as Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kelly Ripa, Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Heidi Klum, Andie MacDowell, Kim Catrall, Alyssa Milano and Isla Fisher.  [/smalltext]

[span class=note]This story is from the July-August 2010 edition of INDESIGN[/span]






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