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Fan Club: Susan Elnora Frerichs Selected By George Sawyer



George Sawyer raves about the narrative style and Americana flavor of Susan Elnora Frerichs’ designs.

[dropcap cap=SUSAN ELNORA FRERICHS] is drawn to imagery that refl ects a connection to spirit, awareness, curiosity and playfulness. “Beyond the role of adornment, jewelry can act as a visual and tactile manifestation of memories, dreams and intentions. Because of the personal way in which we relate to it, jewelry can also become a powerful symbol of personal mythos,” she explains. Frerichs’ work, while often stirring individual associations, also tends to point to our essential connectedness and a certain shared experience of the world. All pieces are initially hand-fabricated in sterling silver or gold. Most shapes are sawed out, then refi ned with tiny fi les, and the pieces are forged, assembled, and soldered together. She often textures and oxidizes her work to bring out its delicate details and sculptural dimensionality. — STORY BY BETH BERNSTEIN [/dropcap]


“A FEW YEARS AGO, Susan began to show her own jewelry, working mainly in sterling, which was a wonderful starting point, given the economic conditions at the time. Her aesthetic lends itself to this metal that can mix different finishes and tonalities into one piece. She soon began to work in high karat gold.”

“I admire how much her collection has evolved and how she has tapped into her sense of narrative style. Her collection tells a story, capturing a series of images through diff erent elements and motifs worked into one piece.”

“Her jewelry carries a spirit of Americana and the big expanse of driving cross-country, conjuring up iconography from the photography in Life magazine or the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe. One example is a necklace that I first thought was a series of crosses, but upon closer inspection was telephone poles with lines between them, all very dimensional and abstract enough to be transformed into a wearable piece of jewelry.”


“There is a wry, intellectual sense of humor about her designs that winks at mysteries and connections. I have watched this aspect of her work draw women in to take a closer look and try on her pieces, smiling when they do. The way she makes connections with the visual and narrative nature she brings to each piece is the same way she connects to the customers who will buy and collect her styles.”

“I haven’t seen many emerging designers that have it as together and can continue to pull their message through with such a distinctive style as well as Susan. Her work is fi lled with soul.”

GEORGE SAWYER has been crafting Mokume almost 40 years. For his retail store clients, he practiced his art mainly in wedding and engagement rings, until recently. Sawyer explains, “I’m excited now to be reintroducing Mokume and the new Koi and Wabi Sabi materials in larger pieces: bracelets, pendants, earrings and fashion rings.”




[componentheading]Designs from Susan Elnora Frerichs[/componentheading]

[smalltext]Thoughts And Memory necklace with naturalistic motifs in sterling silver[/smalltext]

[smalltext]Raven chain and Telephone Line necklace in sterling silver[/smalltext]


[smalltext]Three-dimensional Buffalo Skull pendant in sterling silver[/smalltext]



[smalltext]Railroad Tracks necklace in sterling silver[/smalltext]


[span class=note]This story is from the September-October 2011 edition of INDESIGN[/span]



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