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Father’s Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, and More Important Dates for June

And you could partner with a local business for National Donut Day.





19 Ahead of FATHER’S DAY, ask all your team members for a photo of themselves and their father and set up a gallery in your showroom or post a photo each day on your social media. “This really adds a personal touch and brings the feel of family to the business,” says Megan Crabtree, president of Crabtree Consulting, adding that you could provide complimentary Father’s Day cards with every purchase.

3 It’s NATIONAL DONUT DAY. Partner with a local donut shop to provide donuts to any customer who walks in today. Post fun photos of the jewelry with the donuts and tag the local company.

18 You can do anything, but not everything. On WORLD JUGGLING DAY, choose ONE thing you really want to achieve this summer. And get started.

24 TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY? We’ve got a better idea: Put Your Dogs to Work Day, because those hounds have been lying in your cases too long. You know the saying — every dog has its day.

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