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Florida Retail Jeweler Unveils a Luxury Experience So Inexpensive, It’s Hard to Believe

Both store and product share a wow factor.



Anna Zuckerman Luxury interior and exterior

MOST JEWELRY STORE owners don’t cite the category of tiara as a fast seller. But for Anna Zuckerman, who opened her first Anna Zuckerman Luxury concept store in Boca Raton in February, tiaras are No. 1.

Her clients buy them not only for weddings, but also as birthday and anniversary gifts, or to commemorate the birth of a child or to start a tradition and pass them on when their daughters get married. She believes their popularity is driven in part by customers binge-watching shows about the royal family. “People are getting familiarized with royalty, and why not feel like one? With this tiara, you never forget the queen that lives within you.”

Anna Zuckerman

Anna Zuckerman considers everyone a customer.

The tiaras, priced at just under $2,000, are sterling silver plated with gold or other precious metals and set with crystalline synthetic gemstones she developed and trademarked. Because she’s using those materials, the average price point for rings and other categories is $199, online or in store.

“No need for long-term wish lists or saving up,” Zuckerman says. “Every woman deserves to sparkle now.”

Zuckerman had been designing jewelry and selling her high-end jewelry in a traditional retail location in Wisconsin before she changed course. She had noticed a demand and market for affordable jewelry with a luxurious look, while fewer of her clients seemed willing to drop $10,000 on a statement gemstone piece, which was her specialty.

“If the market is shifting toward synthetics, why not give an option for that market by creating something that would be unique, beautiful and yet extremely affordable?” She began copying her own gemstone designs in silver and offering them at a fraction of the price. Zuckerman also worked with engineers to create her trademarked Diamond Crystalline, a synthetic carbon coating over a high-grade cubic zirconium. By 2017, she was beginning to produce her own finished goods using the formula that she calls her “secret sauce.” The prototypes were well received in 2019, she introduced the wholesale product line in 2020 and brought it to the trade show circuit this year.


Meanwhile, she had also launched her website and boutique for the retail market.

Zuckerman worked with her husband, Leonard Albanese, a residential designer, to create the prototype Boca Raton store, which she hopes will be the first of 50 stores nationwide. “For the consumer, you need a store that’s going to be a ‘wow’ to match the jewelry, which is also a ‘wow.’ ”


Anna Zuckerman has started a tradition of tiaras as family heirlooms among her clients, particularly in South Florida, where she opened her prototype store.

The store design is glitzy and eye-catching with chrome and gold finishes, black mirrored ceilings and crystal chandeliers designed to resemble blocks of quartz. Each showcase was built by hand.

It’s a posh look in a high-traffic, affluent area, but it is designed to appeal to everyone. “No one is not a customer,” Zuckerman says. “We have made our jewelry accessible to every demographic, whether you are a grandma buying something for your grandkids, or you’re buying for yourself or for bridal, we have it all.”

Zuckerman also has a showroom in West Hollywood, to cater to celebrity stylists, and her jewelry has been worn by Paula Abdul, Carrie Underwood, Megan Thee Stallion and Lilly Singh, among other celebs.


Q & A with Anna Zuckerman

Q. Can you describe what you wanted the store to look like? Was the store design inspired by other luxury experiences? How did you make the most out of 900 square feet?

A. We looked to some of the finest examples of customer emersion for inspiration. Like the Swarovski stores, we want the client to experience wonder as they enter a new world. Like Louis Vuitton, we are creating a distinct environment that bridges luxury and every day. It’s upscale, while approachable; unique while very brand specific. It is the foundation we will use to expand our market presence throughout the country, our hopes being sooner rather than later.

Q. How do you ensure your customers have a luxury experience? What does that mean to you?

A. Everyone who comes in gets treated like royalty! No one is rushed or pressured into making a decision. They are encouraged to take their time with the product, to make sure that it fits them physically as well as their personal style. Our sales team loves the industry and the opportunity to make every customer look and feel glamorous!

Q. Who are your primary customers? Are they women self-purchasers? Do you have bridal customers?

A. While women buying travel and event jewelry are our primary customers, we are proud to be a resource for men seeking to make an impression without breaking their bank accounts, grandmothers who want to make their granddaughter’s Quinceanera memorable, Rotary clubs who want to make sure everyone shines at a special event. We have our share of brides who find accessible gifts for their entire bridal party, and we love that, but we also have the individual buyer who just wants to look refined, but does not have generational wealth to rely on. Our entire brand was really built for them.

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