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Megan Crabtree

Follow These 4 Tips to Win Customers for Life

Change your focus from “always be closing” to “always be building relationships,” writes Megan Crabtree.




BUYER MOTIVATION IS shifting. Gone are the days of slashing prices and cold-calling everyone in your Rolodex. Customers are more interested in an authentic experience than a great sale. If you’re looking to build a following of loyal customers, you’ll need to change your focus from “always be closing” to “always be building relationships.” Mastering communication, understanding your customers and getting comfortable with some basic technology will have you saying hello to repeat buyers.

Get Comfortable with Video

According to well-respected sales guru, Shari Levitin, “Potential buyers are three times more likely to open and view a video than to read an email.” Seems mind-blowing, but think of your own buying habits. How many times have you watched a product demonstration video before making a purchase decision?


Learn how to create quick personalized videos on your phone so you can follow up with your clients in a memorable way. It can be as simple as thanking them for coming in and referencing something you discussed during their visit. Or send them a video of the jewelry they are considering so they can show it to friends or family who might help them make a decision.

Be a Friend

Get to know customers on a friendly basis. Follow them on social media so you can learn more about their family, milestones and hobbies. Make an effort to touch base regularly, especially when you’re not trying to sell anything. A quick happy birthday message, congratulations note, or “cute dog” comment can go a long way. In fact, make it a goal not to sell them anything, but to get invited to one of their special occasions. Once that happens, you’ll know you’ve built a great relationship and gained a customer for life. Even if they are not ready to purchase from you, they will recommend you to new potential clients.

Show Your Appreciation

Who doesn’t enjoy a little appreciation gift from time to time? It’s not about how much you spend; it’s the thought and time spent that count. You can keep it as simple as a personalized Christmas ornament or something under $10 that proves you pay attention. For example, if they’re a golfer, research a unique gift such as a magnetic towel with their initials embroidered.


Stay In Touch

It’s OK to touch base with product information as long as you keep it to a minimum and only send them sales or products that meet their likes and preferences. Inform them of new products by sending a short video of the item. If they bought an engagement ring, reach out with images and pricing of the matching band soon after their purchase so they remember to come back to you for the wedding rings.



When the Kids Have Their Own Careers, Wilkerson Can Help You to Retire

Alex and Gladys Rysman are the third generation to run Romm Jewelers in Brockton, Mass. And after many decades of service to the industry and their community, it was time to close the store and take advantage of some downtime. With three grown children who each had their own careers outside of the industry, they decided to call Wilkerson. Then, the Rysmans did what every jeweler should do: They called other retailers and asked about their own Wilkerson experience. “They all told us what a great experience it was and that’s what made us go with Wilkerson.” says Gladys Rysman. The results? Alex Rysman says he was impressed. “We exceeded whatever I expected to do by a large margin.”

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